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Daily Life: In need of a Graphic Designer

31 Mar

I’ve decided now that I’ve gotten some inventory and I’ve been really awesome about staying committed to my one year plan that I am going to consider getting my blog designed, an etsy banner designed, a button, and a logo!! If any of you readers have any suggestions of designers that you want to me to check out I would love some suggestions!! Calling all graphic designers!! Haha.

Love Always,


Crafts: Owl-tastic!

31 Mar

As soon as I posted my owl frames one of my amazing friends asked me for two!! I ran to three stores and was seriously shocked that none of them had frames. I special ordered 20 from JoAnn‘s and every time I get down to five I am going to do it again so I don’t have that panicky feeling EVER AGAIN! Well today was my usual Thursday errand day so I ran in to check if my order had come in yet – obviously not because it takes two weeks and it’s been one – and then ran to the frame section and HOORAYY! Four frames were waiting to be taken. I bought them all (like I always do… I clean out all of these stores of their poor frames 😉 haha) and got to work as soon as I put E down for a nap. I have one owl frame done, and one to go! I am thinking about doing Giraffe’s for the next one.. or maybe a duck one.. any suggestions!?

For those of you who don’t have a clue what I am talking about, here is a pick of the first two Owl frames I made. Sure I would gladly take pictures of the new ones but the cloud’s decided that to ruin my day and I hate taking pictures without natural light .. so I hope you can live with my originals 😉

I can’t wait until my order comes in!! It’s like a present. I don’t know why but ordering stuff to me seems like a double buy. You go online, pick out what you want, pay for it and are super excited about it! Then you are sitting around waiting for it, so when it comes in it’s like YAYY!! Double excitement. Or maybe it’s just me 😉

After I get the frames I am ordering some more yarn 😀 guilty! My mom and I are going in on it together so we can total enough to get free shipping! Hooray for free things! Not to mention the prices at this website are half or even more than half off what we pay in the store. Think about the gas money you pay to get there, the going out to eat (which we always end up doing because our favorite sub place is right next door – Jersey Mikes if you’re from the area = AMAZING), and them not always having what you want or the amount you need, AND paying double? Heck no! Totally ordering online. Anyways once my mom and I place the order I need to get seriously cracking on my crocheting. I got sidetracked making a scarf for S and I’ve been moving kind of slow on this new one. It’s always slow starting a new type of scarf, at least it is for me. I’m double worried about it coming out right so I take my time and check each hook instead of just flying through it! I am halfway done with it though, so two good nights of crocheting and I’ll have a pretty purple fun scarf to show.

Well little E is up and dinner is calling my name so I’m going to take a break here and hopefully I’ll have more to show tomorrow! (Which is my crafty day number two – with no interruptions!!)

Love Always,


Daily Life: Listaholic

29 Mar

This morning I made a list for today, tomorrow, thursday, and friday! I spaced out everything I wanted to get accomplished and am doing one big task each day! Today was cleaning out the bathroom. You would not believe how much make up I own. Especially if you have met me during pregnancy and after pregnancy. I wear make up about one day a week. Yes I used to wear it daily but when you have a million other things to do that just seems kind of not that important.. especially when you rarely leave the house 😉

So I went through and cleaned out all the stuff we never use and took about half of it to the trash and another quarter to the thrift store (jewelry and such). WOW! My bathroom looks like normal people live in it! Not hoarders!! hahaha.

After all that and the daily chores I am pretty tired but not feeling overwhelmed like I have been. This nicely spaced out list is making me a lot less stressed and a little more organized 😀

I also found a few things I want to buy ……. I always do that. I give away a thousand things and find a few things to refill that empty spot 😛 This time it’s just tanning lotion that I am running on low, I realized I only own one color of nail polish that I actually like and use and it’s running low too, and I’ve been dying to buy this eyeshadow for days but I think I might hold off on that seeing as how I’ll actually use the lotion and nail polish .. but once a week make up doesn’t justify new eye shadow yet!

 Now that my list is all crossed off I’m sitting here wondering what I am going to do for dinner, when E is going to get up from her nap, and what B and I are going to do tonight. I’m thinking Hamburger Helper (because I’m lazy), any minute now, and watch another movie. Last night we watched Grown Ups. Hilarious!! It was definitely funny in a corny kind of way but I could totally see it happening in real life and there were some parts that I just can’t stop quoting in my head. I love Adam Sandler movies. I know he doesn’t always have the best sense of humor (especially for children) but then he comes out with something you never knew he had in him! Like the movie Click. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I have never cried in an Adam Sandler movie and I cried in that movie!

Tonight I’m not sure what we are going to watch but I’ll definitely fill you in on it. We added some that we are pretty excited to watch on list our  last night. One of them on my list is Eat Pray Love. B probably has 30-40 and I think I picked out like 3 or 4 😀 I haven’t really gone through it and picked what I wanted, I just randomly looked up while he was searching through it and said, “OH! I want that one!!”.

I’ve also been working on a new scarf. Now that I finished one for S since she had to have one, I am one scarf behind on my list but I think I can make it up somehow. This one I am doing is long stitches instead of short (thanks to Carolyn’s idea) and I am doing two different shades of purple striped. Not sure how it will turn out but I was getting bored with doing solids. I’ll go back once I get my fill on stripes 😀

Tonight should be fun!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Weekend Away

29 Mar

This past weekend was SO much fun! B and I went to see Perpetual Groove in concert on Saturday and they were AMAZING!! They had a band called Zoogma open for them and they were awesome too. If you like background music that puts you in a good mood this is what you need. Almost everyday during nap time I turn on P-Groove and craft or do chores. It’s relaxing, fun, upbeat, easy to listen to music. Zoogma was a little more upbeat but totally cool. They might be more of a get you hyped up band but I loved it.

You should check them both out!!

It was so nice to have a weekend that didn’t involve picking up toys over, and over, and over again. As much as I missed my little E, B and I were dying for some time to ourselves. We also picked the best company!! B’s friend from work P and his friend J (yes we have the same name) were so much fun!  I have a feeling we’ll be doing other things with them later 😉

So when B and I got back from our awesome trip, neither of us really sit down or take a break. We knocked out all of the cleaning, most of the laundry, and got this place ready for the girls Monday morning. Usually I am scrambling around on my own trying to do everything at once and failing miserably. This time B was right by my side with extra hands and his trademark smile 🙂 I love when we work together.

 Then Monday happened! Both girls were here and it flew by so fast! It was probably the easiest day I have had! Shocking because Monday’s are hard to begin with, plus it’s the day I have three kids at once!! The rest of this week should be just as easy. Today I plan on doing a few more spring cleaning things, some crafting (as always), and maybe even finishing Pretty Little Liars #3! Or who knows, maybe I won’t get anything done today 😉 It is my day off after all!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Leaving It All Behind

25 Mar

For the readers who come on a regular basis, you may have a few questions for me. Like how come daily posts have become every other day. What happened to the 20 million photo’s and one liner’s about being a mom. You may be thinking that I am losing touch and giving up. Oh are you wrong 😉

After all that spring cleaning I did in the storage, I have gone through a rampage of “cleaning out” things all around the house. I’ve decided the shabby but workable is out the window. I’ve been upgrading baby!!! I think I have put more stuff in the thrift store, consignment store, and give away pile then I have EVER in my entire life – besides when I got pregnant and gave ALL my clothes to T 😛 She looks better in them anyway 😀

I probably could have jumped on the computer and written this 2 hours ago but I was zoning out. Today I thought I had the day off and was going to knock a million things on my list to do but if you know me by now I sometimes don’t hear everything right and well you guessed it.. It’s next week I have off Friday not this Friday. So little P came over and the poor thing was teething so bad she couldn’t stand it. No matter what I did the little girl was in tears. An hour later I finally got her to take a bottle, eat some oatmeal (which both were a challenge) and I sang her to sleep.

I can remember when E was teething.. it’s just something that every mother dreads. Not being able to soothe your baby or “fix” whatever is wrong is the most depressing feeling in the world next to not knowing what the heck is wrong with them!! It took me a day and half to figure out that E was teething and that day and a half was a full-blown panic attack for me. She was the easiest baby and all the sudden she was the unhappiest baby. Minor fever, didn’t want to eat anything, and the whining-sobbing-drueling mess. Oh and I will never forget those diapers.. you mom’s know exactly what I am talking about!!

At 12:30 I gave P baby Tylenol (by parents request) and she took another nap and woke up the happiest camper ever! We were giggling, tickling, singing, playing, smiling, cooing, and still drooling 😉 It felt good to know that she ate a good amount and had a good nap behind all that pain.

After that B and I put together the new kitchen table & chairs. It feels so great to actually own a table that I am not paranoid it’s going to fall apart on me any second!! (Same with the chairs). Now don’t get me wrong, I love hand-me downs. I love things that run in the family. I love thrifty things. It’s so nice to take something knowing it doesn’t matter what happens or what you do with it, that it’s all yours and if it breaks in the process. Oh well..

But it was so nice to actually pay a good price for something that will last us a while and something we don’t have to fix or change. We love it from the start! Not to mention I have twice the space to do crafty things 😀 hehe. The problem was getting B and I to agree on where it works best in our little home. Haha. I told my mom there was blood, sweat, and tears but there was only me being stubborn, him being stubborn, and me getting emotional (tears). After all that chaos we now have it where it will stay for QUITE some time. I do not plan on rearranging that thing unless I absolutely have to!

Along with all the chaos I didn’t exactly get .. well .. anything on my list done so I’ve been a little off my game today.

The good news? B and I are going with friends from his work to see a concert in Richmond tomorrow night. We are leaving E with my mom and dad and staying with my college BFF for the night! YAY a night off, a night vacation, seeing my BFF, and going to a concert all in one night! HOOORAYY! Then B and I are waking up and meeting my high school BFF in Williamsburg. I get to see BOTH of my best friends in a matter of TWO days! Lucky lucky me 😀 I have the best friends ever.

So tonight I am letting it all go, I’m setting my list aside, realizing that I have tons of time to get it done later, and going to leave it all behind me and enjoy this weekend. Sure it’ll be a little stressful when I get back but since the weather is still crummy it’s not like I’ll be cleaning this place out and missing out on warm sunny weather 😉 (Trying to look at the bright side!)

I hope my rambling leaves you satisfied. At least you know what I am up to.. or not up to 😀

Love Always,


Pretty Little Liars 2

23 Mar

Barnes and Noble description:

Spencer stole her sister’s boyfriend. Aria is brokenhearted over her English teacher. Emily likes her new friend Maya . . . as much more than a friend. Hanna’s obsession with looking flawless is making her sick. And their most horrible secret yet is so scandalous that the truth would ruin them forever.

And why shouldn’t I tell? They deserve to lose it all. With every crumpled note, wicked IM, and vindictive text message I send, I’ll be taking these pretty little liars down. Trust me, I’ve got enough dirt to bury them alive.

This was a tricky one! I thought I knew who A was but I was completely wrong!! I flew through this book in no time and am on to the next one! This series is great so far!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: WordPress Pen Pals

21 Mar

I have met some amazing people through wordpress and I know I have said it before but to me it feels like I’ve known these people for so long. I am subscribed to these blogs, comment occasionaly, and love to hear the good and bad of life. Most of these people that I follow I feel like I am similar to in certain ways and when I read it, it’s almost like an email conversation just catching me up on life or something fun they heard.

I am sad to say one of my first favorite blogs I ever subscribed to when I started wordpress is saying goodbye. Obviously she has a million good reasons why, and although she loves writing, she just doesn’t have the time. I went through the same thing. I started a blog when E was born and gave up weeks later feeling like I didn’t have anything fun to say, no energy, and should have been spending my time doing something else.

This round I feel completely different. I have no guilty feeling that I should be doing something else (99.9%) of the time. I love showing and telling people what I am doing. I love hearing what people have to say about it, and I have plenty of time to spare in order to keep up with it.

So I guess what I am trying to say is the timing has to be right, but if it wasn’t for this blogger, I might have given up a lot earlier. She made me feel like blogging about being a mom wasn’t boring, that we had plenty of fun and funny things to say! She made me feel like my writing was entertaining by leaving me comments and boosting my self-esteem. It’s like saying goodbye to a friend not knowing whether or not your going to see them again. It’s a sad goodbye but I hope she has the time of her life with whatever else she is doing 😀

Love Always,


Crafts: Report Cards

20 Mar

I didn’t exactly get the four done like I had planned but I at least have two done for tomorrow! With the way my house is looking right now I decided it was more important to clean up the crafts and get the house ready for the girls tomorrow. Let’s just say it needs a lot of work 😉

Oh I love the sun! Okay, back to being a mom, I’ll be crafty later 😉

Love Always,


Crafts: Picture Frame – Spots & Owls

20 Mar

I took pictures using the sun as natural lighting and WOW do they look even better 😀 From now on I refuse to take pictures without natural lighting!!

I think I am done painting for the day but I have four report cards to make and some crocheting to do so I’ll have more to post soon 😀

Love Always,


Crafts: Picture Frame – Owl

19 Mar

I finally got the paint pens I wanted so now I can get back to making frames 😀 YAY!!

I am so excited to be working with these again, but after spending twenty minutes trying to get the lighting and focus right, I have decided that I am going to wait and start taking my pictures in natural light. They look so much better that way!!

I have a few more things to go through tomorrow in the storage then it will be a crafty day! Hoorayy!!

Love Always,


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