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Crafts: Picture Preview

3 Mar

Daily Life: Mission complete!

3 Mar

Today is my day off (aka my running errands day). Every other thursday is grocery, sams club, target, michael’s, joanns, and the awesome sub place by joanns day 🙂 It’s also B’s payday! 😉 I love getting everything bought and done in one day. It saves me from having to get E all dressed up and ready multiple times and getting her in and out of the car seat! I get it all over with and then I get quality time the rest of the two weeks to do whatever else needs to be done. It’s also awesome during the winter times because it minimizes on the going outside when it’s cold!!

It took me a while to get used to buying groceries for two weeks and enough craft things to keep me busy but still give me the option to have choices of what craft I want to do next. I’ve been doing it for a few months now and it seems like it’s gotten a lot easier. I know how a good stash of basic foods, crafts, and miscellaneous stuff to keep me busy so the spending every other Thursday has gone down (thank you!!) which means our savings is going to be loving me! I even got to buy a few extra special treats this week since we weren’t buying that much! Yumm chocolate 🙂

Now for two weeks of seriously crafty time and much needed relaxation, that is on my days off of course! P comes over tomorrow and I am excited to see her. We had an amazing day yesterday! With both girls napping at the same time for a good 2 1/2 – 3 hours each, it felt like luxury. I even finished a bright blue scarf and am now onto this serious awesome orange color. Once I get done with the orange I’ll snap a few photo’s so you can see. Right now  I am just stocking up on as much as I can make then I’ll probably put them up for sale sometime around October on my Etsy page.

The other thing I’ve been doing is making report cards for P and S for when they come over. That way when their mom comes to pick them up she knows what all we did that day. I’ll snap a picture of that one I made too! I’m hoping that I can find my way towards making cards once I get all my cricut cartridges in because I really love handmade cards!

I’m going to be one busy mom these next two weeks 😉

Love Always,


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