Crafts: YESSSSSSS!!!!

4 Mar

I have been waiting for this box to come in for a whole 3 days!!!!!!!!!! Good thing it shipped fast huh? haha. I just got the best present and it came right as nap time started for both girls. How the heck am I going to contain this amount of excitement!

Five new cartridges for this crafty girl right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just about to pry these suckers open and play with them when I realized that my craft area is right next to both girls rooms.. this needs to change and ASAP! How am I going to rearrange this place so the girls have room to play and I can craft without being so dang loud!? This is going to be my next project on my list to do now that the girls have for three days successfully taken a nap at the EXACT same time for the EXACT same length! Ohh what a lovely three hours it is for me 😉

Should I attempt moving things when usually I made tuns of noise when I rearrange? Can I finish it in three hours so i’ll be ready for both girls? Should I just wait until 5:00 when P gets picked up? These questions will be answered later.. when I made a darn decision because right now I am too busy biting my tongue from excitement! Thank you you have the BEST prices, you deliver seriously fast, and you made me one ecstatic mommy today!

Love Always,


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