Daily Life: My Busy Life is Getting Busier!

18 Mar

It is true. I promised you all I wouldn’t get too busy to blog, that I would have fun pictures of fun crafts that I did with S. Well let’s just face it! Four year olds are busy busy busy then when you add E (almost 20 months) and an almost 8 month old (P) it gets busier! These past two weeks have been a little last-minute for all of us since S has been over twice as much as she usually is. Her usually Wednesday and Friday sitters have been bailing last-minute due to being sick and so I have had an extra playmate on board! We are also possible working out different schedules with the girls coming up this summer and when S goes to big girl school and will probably not need me anymore.. sad but I am sure she will love it!

Another serious distraction to blogging is 80 degree weather 😀 Guilty as charged!! I have been soaking up the sun and spring cleaning outside! I also bought some awesome new patio furniture, will be buying some kids toys for outside, and planting some flowers. Meanwhile my dad is building from scratch a miniature kids size fence to go around our patio so the little ones to go astray 😉

I have a seriously good feeling about this summer! I still have the same dedicated time to making scarves, painting frames, and making cards and report cards so I will be back on track once this spring cleaning gets out of my system, but I can seriously see myself enjoying it while I am outside enjoying the wonderful weather.

I’m not sure if any of you know this about me or if I have mentioned it before but my little toes were meant for the beach. If I could live at the beach 24-7 I would. If I could afford a beach house and still make enough money off-season.. I would totally do it! I love the sand, the water, the waves, the cool breeze, being able to watch a storm go by, and living in that relaxing “who cares what time it is” moment. Oh my dream.

I think with the sand/water box toy I am getting E, the wind that we always get here, and the sunny days are going to be enough to get me through a little while but trust me! The chance I get to move to the beach, I will be there in a blink of an eye and I am not coming back!!!!!!

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am totally looking forward to this summer and although it seems like I am getting busier and busier, I promise I won’t leave you behind 😉

Love Always,


One Response to “Daily Life: My Busy Life is Getting Busier!”

  1. Just Ramblin' Pier March 19, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    You are in the midst of a super busy phase of your life! I remember going through grad school (both of us) while raising our 18 month old twins and two big labs. Crazy busy! Enjoy your sun, fun, and even cleaning. It goes way too fast. Keep up the blogging. : )

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