Daily Life: Listaholic

29 Mar

This morning I made a list for today, tomorrow, thursday, and friday! I spaced out everything I wanted to get accomplished and am doing one big task each day! Today was cleaning out the bathroom. You would not believe how much make up I own. Especially if you have met me during pregnancy and after pregnancy. I wear make up about one day a week. Yes I used to wear it daily but when you have a million other things to do that just seems kind of not that important.. especially when you rarely leave the house 😉

So I went through and cleaned out all the stuff we never use and took about half of it to the trash and another quarter to the thrift store (jewelry and such). WOW! My bathroom looks like normal people live in it! Not hoarders!! hahaha.

After all that and the daily chores I am pretty tired but not feeling overwhelmed like I have been. This nicely spaced out list is making me a lot less stressed and a little more organized 😀

I also found a few things I want to buy ……. I always do that. I give away a thousand things and find a few things to refill that empty spot 😛 This time it’s just tanning lotion that I am running on low, I realized I only own one color of nail polish that I actually like and use and it’s running low too, and I’ve been dying to buy this eyeshadow for days but I think I might hold off on that seeing as how I’ll actually use the lotion and nail polish .. but once a week make up doesn’t justify new eye shadow yet!

 Now that my list is all crossed off I’m sitting here wondering what I am going to do for dinner, when E is going to get up from her nap, and what B and I are going to do tonight. I’m thinking Hamburger Helper (because I’m lazy), any minute now, and watch another movie. Last night we watched Grown Ups. Hilarious!! It was definitely funny in a corny kind of way but I could totally see it happening in real life and there were some parts that I just can’t stop quoting in my head. I love Adam Sandler movies. I know he doesn’t always have the best sense of humor (especially for children) but then he comes out with something you never knew he had in him! Like the movie Click. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I have never cried in an Adam Sandler movie and I cried in that movie!

Tonight I’m not sure what we are going to watch but I’ll definitely fill you in on it. We added some that we are pretty excited to watch on list our  last night. One of them on my list is Eat Pray Love. B probably has 30-40 and I think I picked out like 3 or 4 😀 I haven’t really gone through it and picked what I wanted, I just randomly looked up while he was searching through it and said, “OH! I want that one!!”.

I’ve also been working on a new scarf. Now that I finished one for S since she had to have one, I am one scarf behind on my list but I think I can make it up somehow. This one I am doing is long stitches instead of short (thanks to Carolyn’s idea) and I am doing two different shades of purple striped. Not sure how it will turn out but I was getting bored with doing solids. I’ll go back once I get my fill on stripes 😀

Tonight should be fun!

Love Always,


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