Crafts: Owl-tastic!

31 Mar

As soon as I posted my owl frames one of my amazing friends asked me for two!! I ran to three stores and was seriously shocked that none of them had frames. I special ordered 20 from JoAnn‘s and every time I get down to five I am going to do it again so I don’t have that panicky feeling EVER AGAIN! Well today was my usual Thursday errand day so I ran in to check if my order had come in yet – obviously not because it takes two weeks and it’s been one – and then ran to the frame section and HOORAYY! Four frames were waiting to be taken. I bought them all (like I always do… I clean out all of these stores of their poor frames 😉 haha) and got to work as soon as I put E down for a nap. I have one owl frame done, and one to go! I am thinking about doing Giraffe’s for the next one.. or maybe a duck one.. any suggestions!?

For those of you who don’t have a clue what I am talking about, here is a pick of the first two Owl frames I made. Sure I would gladly take pictures of the new ones but the cloud’s decided that to ruin my day and I hate taking pictures without natural light .. so I hope you can live with my originals 😉

I can’t wait until my order comes in!! It’s like a present. I don’t know why but ordering stuff to me seems like a double buy. You go online, pick out what you want, pay for it and are super excited about it! Then you are sitting around waiting for it, so when it comes in it’s like YAYY!! Double excitement. Or maybe it’s just me 😉

After I get the frames I am ordering some more yarn 😀 guilty! My mom and I are going in on it together so we can total enough to get free shipping! Hooray for free things! Not to mention the prices at this website are half or even more than half off what we pay in the store. Think about the gas money you pay to get there, the going out to eat (which we always end up doing because our favorite sub place is right next door – Jersey Mikes if you’re from the area = AMAZING), and them not always having what you want or the amount you need, AND paying double? Heck no! Totally ordering online. Anyways once my mom and I place the order I need to get seriously cracking on my crocheting. I got sidetracked making a scarf for S and I’ve been moving kind of slow on this new one. It’s always slow starting a new type of scarf, at least it is for me. I’m double worried about it coming out right so I take my time and check each hook instead of just flying through it! I am halfway done with it though, so two good nights of crocheting and I’ll have a pretty purple fun scarf to show.

Well little E is up and dinner is calling my name so I’m going to take a break here and hopefully I’ll have more to show tomorrow! (Which is my crafty day number two – with no interruptions!!)

Love Always,


One Response to “Crafts: Owl-tastic!”

  1. Lisa C. April 1, 2011 at 10:42 pm #

    Cute! Owls are my favorite!!

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