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Daily Life: Craft Bazaar & Books

2 Apr

Today I went to the Craft Bazaar at the Eastern Market in Washington D.C. I did some serious research. I was checking out what everyone else was selling, prices, and competition!! It was SOOO much fun! I am crossing my fingers I can make enough inventory at some point to try out a craft show like that. I have a feeling I could make more than I thought I could before I went to the bazaar. Who knows!? But it’s worth a shot right?

After that my sister and my mom went to this awesome little book store. It’s called One More Page in Arlington VA. I got two free books – I love free things – and I bought about $40 worth of kids books… oops! E is in need of some new reading material, or should I said I am in need of some new reading material to read to her!! I’ve practically memorized all the books she already owns, that’s how much we read them!

I’d have to say this day out was a much needed one. I haven’t gotten out to do something like this in a while and it’s getting me pumped up for crafting and reading. I’m not trying to redo my schedule again just to fit in more crafting and reading! Let’s see how much I can squeeze in 😉

I’m also crossing my fingers I finish my stripey scarf today so you can see it! I am falling in love with this one so much that it’s going to be hard to let it go but i’ll make more 😉

Well I’m off to be crafty, I got an hour until it’s time to make dinner – lets see how much I can get done!

Love Always,


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