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Crafts: Owl On Etsy!

4 Apr

I posted the owl frame that I’ve made on Etsy for purchase! Check it out!

Hand Painted Owl Picture Frame!

It’s a 3.5×3.5 picture square wood frame hand painted with acrylic and sprayed with a clear coat to last!

It can come with a hook at the bottom for hanging anything like keys, coats, and etc! (Free addition)

Also willing to make custom letters for personalization!

This will be shipped to you within a week of receiving payment.

Crafts: Loving Those Scarves!

4 Apr

Obviously the Purple striped one is new 🙂 and I am doing a pink striped one next!!

I doubt that I’ll get my new frames done in time to take pictures before the sun goes down but it’s going to be sunny tomorrow too! So I’ll have those to show tomrrow!!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Warm Breezes Through My Window

4 Apr

Today is amazing!! E is feeling a heck of a lot better. We got out and got some things done and soaked up the lovely fresh air, then we came back for lunch and nap time. E slept for about thirty minutes and decided she was ready to get back up. Then about thirty minutes later she was ready to go back down for a nap. Silly head. I got everything done that I’ve been putting off for the past few days and am feeling amazing. My windows are wide open and the warm breeze is making me the happiest mom EVER!

Another plus is my dad is out back working on the “fence” for the girls. He’s put in the stakes and built all the sections of the fence. He’s just got to nail the fence to the stakes, paint the stakes white and TADA! We are all ready to set up and play outside!! I think this new addition is going to make this summer a lot more fun and I think E and P will nap better because of it.

It’s so cute. I’ll have to take pictures and put them up here 😀

Right now I have Perpetual Groove playing and I am relaxing for a few minutes. My sister is coming to spend the night tonight before she leaves tomorrow for Las Vegas. She has a work thing to go to and the airport is a lot closer to us!! I can’t remember the last time that she saw E but it’s been quite some time so that will be fun catching up!

I am also planning on doing something seriously creative with my scarves for an AWESOME picture and to show you all the finished striped product 😛 It’s been so cloudy these past few days and I wanted you to get the best quality view of all my hard work!

Guess I should go do that now 😉

Love Always,


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