Crafts: New Daily Report Cards

5 Apr

Today started out awesome! I got a few things done that I had planned to do, then somewhere around lunch time I got a little lost. I started looking around and realizing that there was a ton of stuff I needed to get done and I was getting really overwhelmed. It’s like a little checklist was going off in my head and none of it was checked off. NOTHING! I started wondering what the heck was doing this past week and weekend? Did I really not get anything done!? After about a half an hour panicking and 20 minutes revamping my list and writing it down I started to feel a little calm and collected. Then E woke up from her nap .. an hour early .. this day was starting to take a turn for the worst!! Luckily my mom and B saved the day! Between my mom babysitting and B getting me out of the house for a minute and monitoring E while I got the rest of my list done I got my list checked off .. almost!

I got a good amount down. I still have vacuuming and giving E a bath on my list but I still have an hour to get those done. Maybe B will do one while I do the other?? Oh he spoils me.

Well my point for this ridiculously long explanation is I got two new report cards done for P!!

Check um out!

Sorry for the low quality of the second one. My camera was doing funky things and I couldn’t figure it out .. But YAY! I am pretty dang proud of them!

This might be the push I needed to get back into card making!

Love Always,


2 Responses to “Crafts: New Daily Report Cards”

  1. newm0mmy April 8, 2011 at 1:01 am #

    Love the dailys you make but I was thinking I hope the mom saves them or something cause you put a lot of work and money in them. Maybe a printer basic one would be better i know creative it’s not but I’ve worked in day care and I know most parents read and toss them

    • underestimatedmom April 8, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

      Yeah she comments on them everytime! She said something about adding them to her scrapbook 😀 As for the cost. Instead of getting a bunch of Christmas presents I didn’t really need this year I asked for $20 bucks a month for crafts from my parents. That way I don’t go haywire and spend to much and by the time the next month comes I usually have a list of things I want! So basically it’s free! Some days I don’t do them and I use the grocery list pads that you find everywhere that way it’s still pretty but it’s cheap and easy. Most of the time I just love to do it for the reaction and the joy of making something. To me just accomplish something (no matter what it is) has a way of making me feel awesome.

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