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Daily Life: Lazy is in, productive is out!

6 Apr

Apparently my life has taken a complete turn! I used to be so productive .. what happened!? Now I feel like I am writing post after post and status after status about being lazzyyy. Today P came over and she was still teething. Poor thing is still miserable but today was a short day for me. E was her usual ridiculous self imitating P and laying on the floor in a full-blown tantrum for who knows what reason!? Ignoring is not the solution to this problem, she just gets louder. Distracting her works half the time, but this time I broke down in a giggle. I couldn’t take it anymore and her face expression was just hilarious! As soon as I started giggling she stopped and looked at me like I was a crazy person – which I might be – but then she started giggling too. Let’s hope she doesn’t start to think that tantrums are funny but realizes that it’s not getting her anywhere 😛

So that was pretty much my entire day. Once P left I crashed on the couch and didn’t move into B said “Dinner’s ready”, and where am I right now after eating, feeding E, and having a dessert? Sitting on the couch 😛 Right now I am debating on reading Pretty Little Liars or crocheting. My friend’s status said she was reading her book and drinking wine and I thought that sounded amazing. I told her I might do the same thing but replace the wine with liquor 😛 I am so not a wine person! But at the same time crocheting is looking pretty fun!! Maybe I’ll do a little bit of both, preferably the crocheting before the drinking or it could result in a hazardous situation 😉

Maybe tomorrow will be more productive? I am planning on cleaning up outside if the weather is nice and JoAnn‘s finally called me about my frames coming in so I’ll probably be picking them up (YAY twenty new blank canvas frames to crazy with). I’ll be stocking up on a few other things while I am there I am sure 😛

Hope everyone has a great night! I have a feeling mine is going to be wonderful!!

Love Always,


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