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Daily Life: Goodbye Lazyiness See you again soon ;)

7 Apr

Hooray! Today was successful. I got up and out of the house with E in my arms before 10:00!! That NEVER happens! We ran to Target, A.C. Moore, and JoAnn’s. I picked up the frames I ordered and I am so excited! Twenty new frames to go crazy with! You better bet some awesome pictures are going to come from that purchase and I warned the Manager of the store that this might become a ritual 😉

After running errands I put E down for a nap and did some serious cleaning work outside! Between the dirt, leaves, and sawdust my dad left behind my mom and I had our work cut out for us! Luckily things happen faster when you work together so we got it done in no time and started putting together E’s water table and my new patio furniture. Of course I took pictures 😉 Check it out!!

You can see the fence in the making in the background! All that’s left to do is cut off the top of the stakes, paint them, and screw them to the fence. It’s soo cute and perfect for E! I also got a lot of planting done! This first picture I did last week while it was still cloudy and rainy so I didn’t expect to get much out of them yet but one of them REALLY took off! The second picture is the bulbs I planted today 😀 I can’t wait to see them grow!

 So all in all I got a massive amount of stuff done today! I am super proud and so excited about spending some time outside.

Hope everyone else is enjoying this warm weather too!

Love Always,


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