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Daily Life: Another Day Another Dollar

12 Apr

I’ll just start off by saying that last night was horrible. I thought yesterday waking up with sinuses and dealing with three kids under the age of 4 was going to be hard.. apparently I saved it all for last night. I’ll spare you the details and just hint my way to what happened. It involved Sudafed, vapor rub, sweet tea, crackers, tissues, a cozy blanket, an extra pillow, and a late night waste basket. I did not sleep.

Luckily I pushed through this morning knowing that I only had P for a few hours and I could take a nap while E napped. Nope. P ended up staying all day and everyone napped except me! If it wasn’t for my mom being an extra hand today, I wouldn’t have made it.

Tonight? I am feeling slightly better. It might be the motrin and grilled cheese talking but I hope it’s not or I’ll have another long day with P tomorrow.

Crossing my fingers for a change of pace! I hate being this down in the dumps and I am sure you all hate reading it too! I promise as soon as I start feeling better the peppy little me will be back!

Love Always,


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