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Daily Life: The Doctor’s Orders

15 Apr

It’s true. I have allergies. I am now on three different medications and have another one in case of really rough days! I’m slowly starting to feel better and this house is slowly starting get cleaner 😉 Luckily we’ll be gone all weekend so we won’t have a chance on making it messy and this next week is going to be a little bit easier than usual. But I’d have to say where I lucked out the most is having an amazing mom to help me out this entire week when she could have been relaxing and reading instead. I really owe her a huge thank you..

Although my nose and throat don’t seem to be taking the hint from the allergy medicine, the rest of me is feeling MUCH better and honestly my nose was a lot worse than before. It also seems to be putting E in a better mood. She hasn’t liked mommy not being able to play or cuddle or just be coherent in general.

For those of you wondering about the crafting, it’s coming a long with a few days off from being sick but hopefully this weekend and week will get me back on track and I’ll be making frames and scarves in no time. Sunday morning I’ll be lounging in a hotel room probably reading or crocheting until check out time. It’s going to be SOOO nice to have some me time without any interruptions! I can’t remember the last time that I had a couple of hours of just me time without chores, noises, or anyone needing anything from me!! I am going to soak it up and enjoy every second of it 🙂

As for reading, I haven’t been putting reviews up about The Pretty Little Liars Series but I am on the 6th book now and I am still liking them. I am dying to find out who is so it’s been easy to just fly through these books! I would do a review about each one except they are the same! You think you know who A is but at the end of each book your wrong, and wanting to know even more! I’ve never been one for who-done-it books but this one has kept my attention.

Sorry for all the sickly posts 😉 Hopefully things will be better from here out!

Love Always,


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