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Daily Life: I am back!!

20 Apr

After a serious weekend of relaxation and a few days to catch up on getting the routine back together, I am back! I am excited to say as much as I needed that little vacation time it’s nice to be back on track with writing, reading, and crafting! While I was relaxing at the hotel this past weekend I got a good chunk of crocheting done and am now back in the habit of picking it up on the daily. I also primed and painted two frames a sweet gray color. I’ve started¬†painting pink and purple elephants on one and plan on doing green and blue on the other!! Let’s just say it was an awesome day off yesterday ūüėČ Then to top it all off, B and I went to the movies¬†last night to see Your Highness. B has a thing for anything that has James Franco, Danny McBride, or Seth Rogen in it. Not to mention that Danny McBride wrote Your Highness. There were parts that I seriously enjoyed, like when Natalie Portman¬†kicks Danny McBride’s¬†butt, or when Zooey¬†Deschanel is brushing her hair with a fork and eating like a caveman! But it was definitely a B movie. (Not suggested for people who hate crude humor, cussing, or sexual .. anything)

This weekend I got asked by an amazing family member when I ever get free time!? I told her crafting was my free time. It’s the only part of the day that I get to sit and do something I want to do! Painting is a de-stresser for me so painting frames takes my mind off of everything else I need to do, and crocheting is almost mindless! I can sit and do that and still pay attention to whatever B is doing or asking and watch TV. So while others would rather zone out in front of the TV or just lay there in silence, I like getting something accomplished and enjoying it at the same time! It really made me think about how I spend my time and if I should just sit for one day.. well I gave it a try yesterday. I turned on the TV, had the computer beside me, and just sat for about 30 minutes and I got ridiculously bored!! I started house hunting, job searching (not that I have the down payment completed, or need a job), then emailed B. My email looked like this:


I am bored..

So that’s what happens when I do nothing!! I guess it’s just not in my system to sit and relax. I always have to be doing SOMETHING! I will say that I do sit in front¬†of the computer for probably longer than I should. I read facebook¬†statuses, my tag reader on my blog, subscriptions, maybe write a post, check my email, check my etsy¬†page, check out other etsy¬†pages, then play some games on facebook. Those Zanga games are addicting!! But I try to limit myself to a half hour in the morning and an hour or so at night. That way I don’t go overboard ūüėČ or overwhelmed with all the other things not getting done!

Tonight I plan on working on the frames a little more as long E cooperates and B doesn’t mind making dinner ūüėČ then I’ll post them so you all can see!

Love Always,


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