Daily Life: Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Not

21 Apr

You can probably tell by now that I haven’t finished the second elephant frame. Instead of staying in and dealing with my little tantrum toddler I decided to distract her by taking her out to eat. It’s amazing how that child goes from seriously demanding to completely entertained! We invited Nana and Dodo and went to this new italian restaurant. It’s AMAZING! While we were there we found it the owners were southern, which means they have amazing sweet tea, awesome food, and sweet desserts, which means I’ll be going back. A lot! Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called Travinia’s, if you’ve never been to one you should find one near you and check it out 😉

So by the time we got home it was time to put E to bed and I’ve been sitting on the couch since then. How do I get so exhausted? I’m wondering if part of my tiredness is coming from allergies. I didn’t even think about it until now but that could be part of it, or even the medicine I’m taking for it. I missed a day of taking the pills and nasal spray the night we went to the movies, I guess I was too distracted by my amazing day and going out that I completely missed it. I ended up getting sick that night and I’m not sure if it was the allergies or coming off of the medicine but it was a rough night! Has anyone ever had the same symptoms before?

So now I am just ready for April and May to be over so that these allergies will be gone and I’ll go back to being my hyperactive happy self 😀 I’m sure you miss that part of me too 😉

Well I work tomorrow so I doubt I’ll actually get the time to finish the frame until P get’s picked up. Good news is tomorrow will be an early day off so I might be able to get it done before dinner time!! Cross your fingers! I will be crossing mine 😀

Love Always,


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