Daily Life: What a day!

23 Apr

I am so proud of myself today! I’m completely satisfied with how I spent my day and hopefully I will find some time to keep up with that much crafting. I realize being a mom and being a caregiver for two other children come first and that’s my most important job but somehow I think I can figure out a way to balance them both. Maybe a little less cleaning on my days off and a little more fun 😉 Now that I’ve got my sewing stuff out and had a little fun with it I am back to making lists of ideas to make! Obviously they are going to have to be budget friendly so it may be a once a month kind of thing but the more I sew the more I realize how much I love it!!

I’ve also got a few more ideas up my sleeve for some other things 😀 I made a list of different scarves that I want to make and since I am going to be done with the pink stripes in two rows I can’t wait to dig into these! I have also wanted to try doing something a little different with crocheting, like those little stuffed animals, bracelets, and of course monograming. One of these days I’ll get enough guts to try it out on one of my already made scarves but I think I keep second guessing myself!

Tomorrow we are spending the day visiting family for easter. Nana bought E the cutest dress ever and I can’t wait to see her in it! I promise I’ll take pictures and let you see 😀 This is also going to be the first time that E hunts for eggs! Let’s see if she figures it out 😉 I hope she does!!

Love Always,


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