Daily Life: Busy Busy Bee

28 Apr

What a busy busy day! I spent this morning getting ready to run errands, budgeting, catching up on America’s Next Top Model, and eating. Yes today was running errands day but it was stalled due to tornado warnings. We ended up not going out until E’s nap time so I dropped her off at Nana’s so she wouldn’t miss it and hopefully would be in a much better mood by the time we came back! I’m not sure what’s going on with her lately but she has been really clingly and completely whiney. She wants to be held all day long while I am trying to do chores and usually she just goes off and plays with something or brings me something for us to play with. Instead she was at my fit crying hysterically when I wouldn’t constantly hold her. It’s not easy to get much accomplished this way.. so I sat down for a little bit with her in my lap but that didn’t seem to please her either. My mom seems to think it’s just a phase and probably a normal phase for her age and I think she might be right.

Have you had this problem? What did you do? How do you explain to a child who doesn’t understand that you can’t hold her 24-7?

On another note, I bought stamps, exchanged my cushion for my patio, went grocery shopping, but more importantly.. bought potty training things!! Today E sat on the potty fully clothed a couple of times but when I put her on it nakie she was too happy! It might take some getting used to 😉 So here starts the introducing of the potty stage, this could be fun!

After all those errands this morning and picking up the house yet again, I made some dinner and some pasta salad for a  side for tomorrow’s dinner. I wanted to make some spaghetti sauce to freeze and use later but I got too exhausted. We’ll see if I have the energy tomorrow but I doubt it since I’ll have P all day.

 B is watching the NFL draft tonight so I might just fall asleep right here in the couch in a few minutes 😉

Hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to show and tell later this weekend!!

Love Always,


One Response to “Daily Life: Busy Busy Bee”

  1. Just Ramblin' Pier April 30, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    If the art of distraction did not seem to work with my twins when they were little and they were fussy beyond belief, and I knew they were not sick or hurt, I operated under the notion that they were probably going through a growing spurt. They usually were more hungry and tired during these phases. It took me awhile to figure this out. I just thought they were super clingy and fussy. Often though we would get a small snack and juice box, start reading (even through the fussiness…usually the story captured their attention), and usually ended up with a nap. I often thought we were through with naps, only to discover that there are times when no matter the age, we need to rest. : )

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