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Daily Life: Fabulous Friday’s

29 Apr

Although I worked today it really seemed like I was on the couch all day reading šŸ˜€ What a perfect work day huh? P napped all morning woke up to eat and play for two hours then went back to sleep! Both E and P slept at the same time for 2 and half hours!!

Yeah let’s just say I finished the Pretty Little LiarsĀ series and there was a huge twist at the end. Enough of a twist that all of my guesses were completely wrong! As much as I loved reading this series I have to say I was a little disappointedĀ in it. Every timeĀ you started a new book the first chapter seemed to be reminding you of everything that happened in the last and when you are reading them back to back you just want to skip through the whole chapter because you already know!! The other disappointingĀ thing was by book 3 I realized that whoever they hinted it was going to be .. it wasn’t. So when I was reading 4 through 8 I just assumed the hints were wrong, which made it a little boring. I found myself searching for other possible hints that could lead me to the answer but I got no where. Now don’t get me wrong! I did like these books and obviously kept reading until the last one, I just might have tweaked it a little if I were the writer.

So back to P! She is crawling now! And by crawling I mean getting across the floor to whatever toy she finds most interesting. I also caught her playing in her crib today. She was bouncing on her knees playing with her little blankie toy. So cute! Since the girls napped all day we didn’t have much to get fussy so both of them were constantly in a good mood!! Lucky me!! We also went for a walk to keep them entertained until Mommy came to pick up P.

I’m lucking out double time tonight because B is making dinner. We tried this recipe from his mom for sloppy joe’sĀ and they are to DIE FOR! Coming from someone how doesn’t eat plain meat, and by that I mean I don’t eat meat without some kind of sauce, seasoning, bread, potatoes, or a zillion other additions šŸ˜€ When my parents made sloppy joe’s I made a face, a grunt, and ate my buns with as little meat as possible. Oh and devoured the fries that came with! When B makes sloppy joe’s I eat them whole, in seconds! They were so delicious I ate two!! So yeap, I don’t have to cook tonight, it’s going to beĀ a fantastic meal, and I already made pasta salad yesterday for a yummy side (along with some chips). Yummy!!

Now if this headache that came out of no where would take a hike..

Love Always,


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