Daily Life: Girls Day Out!

30 Apr

Just what every girl needs 😀 A girls day out! My mom, my sister, and I went to a book signing/reading, then took a walk in the city checking out the stores. We ended up stopping in this cute cafe for cookies and drinks! I could totally imagine myself sitting in there reading while sipping on tea or coffee, maybe even blogging! They had a little sitting area outside for those weather perfect days like today and it made me kind of wish I had that lifestyle. I know, I know, my entire life I have always wanted to liI love the small town ve in a small little town perferably near a beach 😉 but the convience of walking down the street and having all your needs met was so nice! Plus the stroll along the sidewalk was soothing and fun!

Of course I took pictures 😀

This was the book signing/reading we went to. Forget-Her-Nots by Amy Brecount White. I came out with a little thing of flowers and learning some new things like Gerbera Daisies mean Simplicity ..

my wedding was filled with Gerbera Daisies .. mainly because I am obsessed with how cute and vibrant they are, but what a coincidence! My wedding was completely simple!

I love this type of walkway. Big and large with spaces clearly defined for enjoying the warm weather and eating some food!!

This was once of the stores there. It was a consignment store for Couture and Vogue clothing brands. Totally chic but thrifty at the same time 😉

And this was an AWESOME store!! I don’t know what it is about toy stores but even before I had E I was in love with them. If I could get all my old lego’s, barbie stuff, puzzles, board games, and etc out and play them all day without being ridiculed .. I would!!


This was the inside! TOTALLY awesome! I wanted to buy everything of course 😉

What a relaxing day 😀 Now I’m sitting out on my mom’s deck watching E play with all her water toys (without the water) snacking on whatever Oma and Papa will give her, and enjoying the awesome smells that are coming out of my parents kitchen.

Can I do this everyday?  But tomorrow I plan on crafting 😉

Love Always,


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