Daily Life: Happy Mommy’s Day To Me!

7 May

This morning I woke up with a list of garage sales to go to! My sister sent me this seriously AWESOME website where you put in your zip code and what you’re looking for (Clothing, Furniture, Baby Stuff, Kitchenware, Etc.) and it tells you where all the garage sales are and what all they are selling! SUPER COOL! If you want to check it out its: http://yardsaletreasuremap.com/

Not only did I have a great time hanging out with my mom but I found some seriously awesome deals. I went to this one place that was selling sewing stuff, fabric, batting, etc. and I got all this for a dollar! Some of these are 4 yards but most of them are 1-2 yards:

Hoorayyy! Then we went to another place and I snagged these frame boxes to hang up on my wall. They need a little TLC (cleaning) but I am so excited to use this for decorations.

Totally off subject .. my mother-in-law was going through her scrapbooking stuff and gave me a box of goodies, so you’ll be seeing some of this stuff when I get some crafting time.

I also bought these with my monthly crafting allowance from my mom (a Christmas present I highly recommend to crafty people who need a budget and to not spend all the money at once!!) I’ll be using this for picture frames and report cards!

And of course I am throwing in a picture of E in the middle of chowing down on some crackers. This face is my mother’s day gift 😀

What a cutie pie!

So hopefully there will be some awesome crafty things coming out of this huge find at the garage sales! Now I just need some time 😉

Love Always,


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