Crafts: Soaking Up The Sun

8 May

The weather today was perfect! I grabbed all my crafts, set up outside, and got to work! I started out making report cards for the week because those are more of a need than anything else. I used the stuff that my mother-in-law gave me and did a little repurposing. I used the cards she had and cut the front off, then I cut the inside of the card up and made the area for the name & date and writing area for the daily activities. I didn’t do anything fancy with them besides the flowers and beads because I thought the cards were busy enough as they were. Check um out!

I was trying to get two frames today but so far I have only finished one. I got the blue background for the second one finished but I still have to pain the whales on it so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it later tonight so you can see it. I did get done one though! Let me know what you think..

Then B got a few good pictures of me and I took a picture of my favorite baby girl

She’s wearing the outfit Nana bought for her this past week 😀 She always picks the cutest outfits!

So I guess you could say it was the perfect Mother’s Day. B cleaned the entire house while we were at church, he’s been doing all the laundry, he’s making me dinner, and he’s been a super big hand with E today so that I could do crafts.

Hopefully when Father’s Day comes I can do the same for him.

Love Always,


3 Responses to “Crafts: Soaking Up The Sun”

  1. Carolyn May 8, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

    Painting is definitely your thing! Stick with it! It’s my favorite out of all the crafts you do.

    • underestimatedmom May 8, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

      Thanks!! I always doubt my paintings.. I’m never quite sure if they are ever really good enough! But I’ll keep it up!!

      • Carolyn May 9, 2011 at 11:06 am #

        They are really good! Think of it like this – everyone can watch a video or read a book and learn how to sew/crochet/knit/cross-stitch/whatever. But, you really have the talent and eye in order to paint or be artistic. Not a lot of people can do that area of crafts well, but you certainly can!

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