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Daily Life: A Dream Come True!

12 May

Do you ever wake up and realize that you are living a dream come true? You might not have your ultimate dream job, but you love the one you have and you’ll never lose sight of the one you want. You’ve got that person that makes you feel like you are standing on top of the world. They are the kind of person that makes you feel like you are a one of a kind and you want to spend the rest of your life making them feel that way too.

In my case we also have the most amazing daughter. Sure she has her moments (what almost 2-year-old doesn’t) but she unconditionally loves you and knows exactly how to melt your heart, or make you laugh so hard you could pee in your pants! Watching her grow up and learn big girl things is a feeling I can’t even describe but I’ll never forget.

Family is another key reason I feel like I am living the dream life. They are unbelievably supportive, always there for an extra hand, or just some wise advice! I lucked out with my in-laws being just as cool as my parents 😉 It makes family events and spending time together fun and relaxing.

It doesn’t take much to make living a dream come true hard, so stop letting all those little things get in your way and look at the big picture. There are amazing people and things in your life.

Love Life. Dream Big. Or Go Home!

Love Always,


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