Daily Life: What now?

19 May

I think I am stuck in a rut! I have a list of things I could do but none of them seem appealing right now. I could have been seriously crafty or organized today but instead I hung out with my mom. I love hanging out with her!! I don’t know if it’s because all my crafts are the same thing I have been doing (minus the bibs – which I didn’t have anymore lying around to do..) or if I’m just not in an inspired mood but I could be making a zillion report cards, at least 10 frames, probably 40 scarves, and monogramming fabric like crazy .. but I haven’t.

You know when you look at everyone else’s work and you think to yourself you could be doing that easily.. if only you had the drive to actually try!Sometimes I feel like there is so much craftiness bottled up inside of me that I can’t stop the ideas and excitement but in this case today I am running blank! Sure I have a list of things I could do and all of them sound fun, but there’s no excitement in it today.

Sometimes little things ruin the mood for me. Like noticing that I’ve only sold one thing on etsy, or the fact that no one is even looking at them!! For some reason I thought it would be easier to sell stuff on there but it’s not easy. Without marketing, or spending the money to have etsy market for you it’s nearly impossible to get viewed. Plus there are so many other people out there that are doing the exact same thing so competition is unbelievably hard.

I think I might need to take a little time doing some research and see what I can come up with. Ways to make it easier, ways to market without spending a fortune, ways to successfully make what you have worth so much more.

I might have just found my inspiration 😀

Love Always,


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