Daily Life: Happy Anniversary!!

21 May

 To my amazing husband and my best friend, happy one year anniversary!!! And for all of you wondering what we did.. of course we did the most untraditional thing ever 😉  I’ve come to realize that everything B and I do isn’t extravagant or completely elegant. Our wedding was simple, our life is simple, and our love is simple. And I love it!!

So today instead of spending a gazillion dollars we went house hunting! Yes we are officially in the market of buying a house! For quite some time I was wondering if it was ever going to happen but today we have found three 😀 We will be talking to our realtor and checking these babies out and who knows.. maybe in a few weeks or months we will be home owners! YAY!

Then after that we went to an early dinner at Carrabba’s! It’s B’s favorite place to eat and now definitely one of my favorites. Italian food is always on the top of my list but I’ve never gotten the meal I got today.. and let’s just say it bumped Carrabba’s up a bit!!

Then we went to a movie! We went to see Bridesmaids. Downright. Hilarious! B almost laughed until he cried.. or he might have cried (we’ll never really know) but it was that good! I don’t laugh out loud much when it comes to funny movies because I also worry about disturbing the people around me but I couldn’t hold it in. If you like SNL, Knocked Up, Superbad, or the Hangover, you will LOVE this movie – even if you are a male. This is the female version of all those hilarious male movies with crude humor and etc. and it’s Awesome! We will be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

Now he’s playing video games and I am back on the computer 😛 I don’t even care that this is the most typical weekend (minus not having E) because it’s time I get to spend with him. It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do, it’s the fact that we are together and enjoying the time we have. I’m so glad we get each other when it comes to things like this because I really feel like that makes us a stronger couple.

So happy one year anniversary to my one true love. I hope we spend the rest of our life being exactly who we are together.

Love Always,


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