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Daily Life: Picnic & Play Time

30 Jun

Today was a fun day with girls. It’s amazing that they are a year apart yet they love the same toys and play together so well. E spent the whole time fetching toys for P while P played happily and watched E run around to fetch more toys! While they were napping this afternoon I got the great idea of having a picnic & play time outside. Wondering what it is?

Play Time!

and Picnic – including foods that both a 1-year-old and 2-year-old like to eat (that is not always easy!)

Now I’m sitting here watching E play in the pool. About every two seconds she pours water out of a Tupperware and says “Oh No!” shocked as if she didn’t expect it to spill out 😛 For all the troubling things the terrible two’s brings – this is not one of them. She could sit in a pool and play for hours if I let her. Unfortunately she’ll be pulled out at 7:30 to get ready for bedtime but I’m sure she’ll enjoy it until then 😉

Love Always,


Crafts: Work In Progress!!

29 Jun

I promised pictures of everything I was working on today. My scarf is 95 percent done, I painted two frames but I haven’t done any decorating yet. I have so many idea’s of what to do I can’t decide which to try yet! But I do need to order more frames before I paint anymore.. I was also going to make some beaded letters when I realized I had an inch of wire left. Nothing is a total bummer like not having what you need to do a craft. So I ran out to the store 😛 I bought more wire and of course some maroon and gold beads 😀

I am super excited at how much I got done today! Never in one day did I think I would finish a whole scarf! It usually takes days but ever since I’ve had this craft fair in my head I have been so determined and not wasting any time. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a few hours when you really have your mind set on it!

One thing my mom keeps saying to me is that she doesn’t want me to push myself so much that this doesn’t become something I enjoy or do for fun anymore. She did a lot of crafts while I was growing up and one of them was making bookmarks. It got to the point where she wanted to sell them so she found a book store who would sell them. They ended up calling her asking for more orders all the time and she realized it wasn’t fun anymore. She enjoyed doing it when she had the time, energy, and inspiration but when someone is wanting more now – that’s when she lost the fun of it. I know she’s just looking out for me but I’ve been needing something to drive me for the past couple of weeks. My craft enthusiasm was going down hill and my ideas were good but not exciting. Now I am so excited I can’t see wasting a few hours watching TV anymore. Forget that!! I’ve got things to do 😉

I’ve also been cutting back on my computer time. If you are facebook friend you have probably noticed that instead of being on for five to six hours a day it’s dramatically dropped to two hours.. I’ve still managed to get posts completed, check email,  keep up with my etsy mom group, and make a few facebook comments and statuses so I think this two-hour limit is doing me some good 😉

Well it’s getting late and P will be here bright and early at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow so I think I’m going to go crochet for 30 minutes and then head to bed. Thanks for stopping by!!

Love Always,


Crafts: Maroon & Gold

29 Jun

Yesterday I went shopping for yarn, paint, and thread for the craft fair I’m doing. It was seriously hard to find a gold color that wasn’t yellow, orange, or literally gold. What I needed was a golden-yellow. Luckily I found one that will do and had the same brand in a good maroon color but it’s not as soft as I would like it to be. I got started on making an all gold scarf today and I’m already a quarter way through after an hour and a half of straight crocheting!

The girls are going down for naps now so I’ll have another three hours to get it done. I might not finish it but I’m crossing my fingers I do! I also bought another punch needle from a different craft store while I was out. I’m crossing my fingers that even though this one cost less.. it works better. We’ll see how that goes 😉

I still have to go back at some point and pick out some beads since I decided I was going to do my beaded letters along with everything else. If all goes well I’ll be selling scarves (kids & adult sizes), blankets (also kids & adult sizes – these are already done though), beaded letters, e-reader covers, burp cloths, frames, and depending on this punch needle I might have a few pillows too 🙂

The thing I am most worried about is figuring out how to tag/initial all these things so that people will know it’s my work and have enough in time for the craft fair! I’ve set up a daily routine that I think will work for me which will give me a total of just under 300 items to sell. If I work on some weekends I bet I could get to 300 no problem. So here I was thinking I wouldn’t have enough to sell. Now I’m wondering if there’s anyway that I’ll ever sell 300 items in four days??!!

I’ll be posting the picture of the scarf, frame, and beaded letter I finish later tonight, so stop by and check them out!

Love Always,


Crafts: The One Year Plan

27 Jun

When I started doing crafts I got this brilliant idea from a friend about selling things on etsy, starting my own business, having my own website, and making enough of an income on the side to stay at home with E and not have to worry about doing anything else. Then after thinking about my one year plan and being so proud of how I laid it all out and estimated how long it would take me to make a good stock of each item and the budgeting plan I thought to myself. What if I had a five-year plan? So I set up a five-year plan depending on the income that I made from selling that I would try to open my own craft store.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I might be doing my first Craft Festival this year!! It’s been five months into my one year plan and in October I am thinking about doing a table and selling what I’ve made so far! I can’t believe how far I’ve come and how much more I still want to do! Out of all the things I have ever done in my life arts and crafts has been my only consistent thing. I’ve tried and failed and given up on a million things but somehow I’ve kept arts and crafts in my life.

This goal has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m not anywhere near giving up yet!! If I do end up doing this craft festival I’m going to have three months to get a bunch of ideas and things together! Once T’s mom gave me the idea my brain has been churning with ideas and possibilities and who knows .. maybe it’ll surprise me 😉

Can you believe it? Five months in and I’m already feeling like I’m on top of the world!

Love Always,


Crafts: A New Twist

26 Jun

So I’m adding a new twist to my friday’s! It’s going to be called Feature Friday’s. Every friday I am going to have a blog post dedicated to featuring another crafty blog or crafty etsy store that I just can’t get enough off! I’ll be showing off how cool they are with pictures and fun facts and include a little interview so you can really get a feel for who these crafty people really are 😉

If you are one of those crafty people who would LOVE to be picked for one of my feature friday’s go to my contact page up there and send me an email! Maybe just maybe you’ll be on the next Feature Friday!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Adio’s Amigos!!

24 Jun

This weekend I am headed to my bff’s 😀 She lives where we grew up and it’s always a good time going back! If I could I would pick her up and move her here but we both know we belong on the beach so until I can afford a couple of beach houses we’re stuck 3 hours apart..

I am so excited to see her! but I am also so excited for her to see E. It’s been a while and E has grown up so much I think her and her family might go crazy and not let me bring her back home once we step foot in the door. I think that’s my favorite thing about her and her family. I feel like I am at home whenever I see them because our families are so much alike and I love it! Not to mention T’s mom can’t ever seem to get enough E time 😛

I can never seem to get enough of them either. T has been one of the girls that has been here for every one of my most important and least important life events. She’s been there for me through thick and thin and she’s one of the few people who I consider a best friend.

This is us in highschool

The day that E was born

Welcoming E home and giving me an extra hand 😉

E’s first road trip

My wedding (and she was here through all the planning and chaos)

So anyways, I am spending my weekend with her and I can’t wait!! She is just the person I need in my life 🙂

I was stressing about packing though and being ready since I am working today. B always complains that I pack too much but I’d rather be safe than sorry and kids have a lot of stuff.. Well this time it went smooth sailing. It took me all of five minutes to pack my stuff and probably another 10 on E’s – just because I had to switch bags. Hopefully B will be so proud of how little I packed!! (Trust me I still have extra’s and plenty of things, but I did manage to cram it into to bags :P)

So when he gets home he’ll shower and pack and we’ll be on our way! Here’s the second part in which I cringe a little. A three-hour car ride with a baby is hard. A three-hour car ride with a toddler .. can be fine .. or TORTURE! We’ll just have to see how E feels..

Since it is later in the day I’m hoping once I feed her dinner in the car (which will probably take an hour itself) and give her bottle that maybe she’ll take a little snooze, but I hope it is just a little one because it would be nice if she slept when we got to T’s and didn’t wake me up at the crack of dawn 🙂

Although I’ll probably wake up super early anyways. I always wake up really early after I drink alcohol, or I am super excited about something, and I am super excited about spending time with T. I might even drink a little when we get there .. we’ll see how the car ride goes 😉

Until then, I’ve got some dishes to do, and I might even vacuum before we leave just so it’s nice when we get back!

Talk to you again on Monday 😛

Love Always,


Crafts: Just Added Scarves to Etsy!

21 Jun

Just added eight new scarves to my etsy page! Take a look at the link below and check out more photo’s and views 🙂

(Child size above)

Hope you enjoy!

Love Always,


Crafts: Project 5 of 5!

20 Jun

I said I wasn’t going to be crafty, but I did!! In a totally different way. Thanks to my crafty friend (read my last post and check out her page) I downloaded something to help me make a banner for my etsy page.

Not exactly the crafty kind of thing you were expecting to see but I had so much fun making them that I might take this up as a job!! Anybody want a banner? After trying ridiculously to find a graphic designer I almost completely gave up then I noticed she had one on her page and I was instantly jealous and asked her HOW!? Well thanks to her, I now have a banner for my etsy page until I draw the one I originally had planned 😛

Next thing you know, I’ll be designing my own page here and my own webpage!! Forget paying thousands of dollars on someone else. I’m going to do it my way – free!

Now that’s crafty 😉

Love Always,


Crafts: A little too late..

20 Jun

Today was my first day back to work from vacation and as hard as I tried (I’ll admit not that hard) I haven’t stopped to craft. So project 5 of 5  will hopefully be here tomorrow 😉 I thought I would be exhausted from not being used to all the lifting, bending, playing, cleaning, feeding, walking – but I did a little something different today.

When the girls went down for their nap. I napped 😛 So that’s my reason for not trying so hard today. Instead of using that three hours of me time to do something crafty.. I catched up on some ZzzZZzz’s!

Then this afternoon instead of being crafty I played with E. Then we ate dinner, played some more, and went for a walk. After the walk we had tubby time!! We splashed and giggled and practiced our ABC’S 123’s with the floaty foam letters and numbers, we washed and scrubbed and cleaned our ears and even brushed our teeth!!  Then I just put her down for a nap. And here’s where I get in trouble 😛

It’s 9:00 .. and I just put her down! Luckily B is out playing softball with the boys or I would be in some serious trouble!!!!! E usually goes to bed around 7:30 – 8:00 so if I didn’t get anything done on my “me time” list this is when I usually jump up and get something done. After all that.. I think I am just going to sit here and crochet. It’s too late to pull everything out and even though I took a long nap my body is telling me no.

So I’m sorry for those who are waiting for a seriously crafty post :/ Instead I’ll send you over to my favorite crafty person’s blog because unlike me she always has awesome crafts with great photo’s to look at!

Love Always,


Daily Life: Free Is NOT Easy!

19 Jun

Today I spent hours in front of my computer trying to find deals anywhere that corresponded with the coupons I had cut out. I found that to be a lot easier than finding coupons to go with things that are on sale since there’s a thousand sales items and rarely do you have a coupon for 1 out of 10.

I also figured out why extreme couponers or couponers for that matter buy 150 items at one time. Because it’s SERIOUSLY rare that an item goes on sale, there’s a store coupon, AND a manufacturer’s coupon. If an entire day every week dedicating my life to searching sales and clipping coupons, I’d be 150 items at one time too!! Who cares if you need it. YOU FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING FREE!!

I did manage to get a few good deals today. Two $6 – 50 caplets of Advil for three dollars. Crystal light originally $2 down to a dollar. Three boxes of cereal for the price of one (usually $4.99 for one, on sale for 1.99 each and a coupon for $1 of with the purchase of three.) I got a few other things like shampoo & conditioner and Ziploc bags and containers but nothing huge. I also ended up spending 28 dollars so it was definitely not free, but I saved 20 bucks on stuff that my family will actually use. And I only bought 2-3 items at one time.

Although this seems all fun I think I’ve decided to do things a little differently. I’m making my list of what I need. I’m matching coupons, and I’m going to WALMART! I went there today and the amount of sales they have are ridiculous. Of course you can plan for this trip at all. On 95% of their stuff online it says price varies so you can’t really see how much you’re going to save or spend but after walking through it twice today I noticed almost half the things I buy on a regular basis were on sale.. and the stuff that did say the prices online were cheaper than anywhere else around here. Another huge plus about Wal-Mart, if you can actually find something that you can get for free, if the coupon goes over the amount they give you the cash back. I haven’t found any place around here that is willing to do that.

I’m not giving up on finding free things with coupons but I am taking a step back here. Yes there are a lot of good deals out there but most of them will just be ways to get you to spend more or buy more than you planned (three boxes of cereal but hey! I got two free!!). You really have to pay attention to details and I’ll guarantee you one thing. When I do find something free, I am going to be the happiest couponer EVER!! and still not buy but a few because I may be a couponer, but I’m not crazy 😉

So in between all that madness, I took care of E. We went for three walks today!! (Gave Daddy LOTS of him and video game time) Then went out to dinner & dessert for Dad’s day – where I sadly didn’t use any coupons because I wasn’t given the option and no one would let me pay..

I’ll just say that this mommy is tired. My legs are stiff and achy and I am looking forward to tomorrow! Vacation is over but that doesn’t mean the fun is. P starts coming again and she’ll get me back in my routine of things. I think I actually do a lot better when I am in a routine and working rather than on vacation. I get more done and I’m happier about how I spent my day, oh and I get paid 😛

After an eventful day like today.. this girl is going to bed early!

Love Always,


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