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Daily Life: What a weekend!

6 Jun

This weekend was busyy! Friday night I went out with my brother & sister-in-law and cousin. We went to the new buffalo wild wings and of course I had a little too much to drink 😉 Luckily I still remembered everything, I just couldn’t feel my face!

Then on Saturday we went house shopping again. Unfortunately I fell in love with one and B didn’t feel the same so we are passing that one up. We might just have to hold off on the house hunting for a little while to save or sanity!!

Sunday E and I went to the Zoo with Aunt Kristi! We went to this little pizza place that had the most AMAZING bruschetta ever 😀 and E got to ride the metro for the second time (but of course she doesn’t remember the first trip since she wasn’t even 1 yet).

So all and all it was a seriously eventful weekend! Tomorrow I’ll be going out to buy all the stuff for my cousin’s monogramming project and I can’t wait! It is so much fun buying things and making things for babies 😀


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