Crafts: Embroidery Part One

12 Jun

In-between my lists of projects to do for everyone else I have been slowly but surely working on this one! It’s my first embroidery project and of course I always pick a super hard one 😉

I picked out a pattern I liked

Traced it out on some fabric

Picked out my yarn colors

And got to work!!!

Of course instead of doing an outline embroidery style – I thought it would look so much cooler if it was filled in!! This is probably why I’ve only gotten this far on it 😉

So far I am absolutely loving it and when I’m finished I plan on using it as the fabric for my nook cover 😀 I probably won’t be making many of these unless they are special requested because they are so time-consuming. But I am definitely going to make a few with just the outlines. It’s a fun way to add a creative touch to some plain fabric and I love the handmade look to it!

The pictures are a little dimmed since it wasn’t natural light so next time I take a picture I’ll be sure to do it out in the sun so you can see how bright and fun it is!

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually stick to it and get it done this week?!

We’ll see!!

Love Always,


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