Crafts: Now on Etsy!

12 Jun

Today I added the monogrammed baby bibs to my etsy page!! Now that I have a week’s worth of freedom I am going to try to start posting more things and keep the crafts coming! Check out my page if you are interested 😀



















One set of three baby bibs monogrammed to your liking!

Best fit for newborns to twelve months.

Yarn colors come in Pink, Orange, and Yellow

You can choose from the following:

First Initial
First & Last Initial
First Middle & Last Initial
First Name
First & Middle Name
First & Last Name

Any style of cross-stitching is available. If you have your own pattern you’d like to use feel free to send it to me. If not I can find a pattern that fits your style.

If you’d like to make a custom order of only one or two of the bibs feel free to ask. Multiples are available as well.

Will be completed and mailed out within a week of receiving payment unless given a special request.

Also don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other specific requests or questions!

Thank You 🙂

Love Always,


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