Daily Life: Back on Top

15 Jun

As miserable as I was today it was nice to finally get it all out of my system. I think I’ve been building up all of my feelings and I finally just let it all out today. Thank goodness I’m feeling much better!! It’s nice to know that the people who mean the most to you are always there when you need them 🙂 especially the ones you’ll never let go. I love you B.

Sorry about the project delay but maybe just maybe I can still do five projects in five days.. starting tomorrow 😛 Sure I work on Monday but I’ll leave my easy peasy project for that day and we’ll see if I can still get it accomplished! Who knows maybe by then I’ll be on such a roll I’ll be getting one done each day for the rest of the week!! WHATT! Yeah I might be totally kidding myself and that may not happen 😉 but we’ll see.

Okay, it may just be the massive amounts of sugar that’s in this Hawaiian Punch but I am getting a major burst of energy and excitement! This could lead to staying up late and doing crazy amounts of crafting and organizing. It usually means I rearrange something or makes lists upon lists of things I want to do and only cross off half of them 😛 I am that weird.

I’m sure if I do end up staying up it will involve some pictures and a future post so be prepared. This might just be one long night 😉

Love Always,


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