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Daily Life: My Life is A Vacation

16 Jun

This week I’ve had off and I was counting the days and realized that tomorrow is the last day that I don’t have to do anything. This weekend is filled with plans already and then I start working again on Monday. Then I really thought about it. My job is like being on a vacation!!! All I have to do is take care of and watch a little one year old grow up with my two-year old! It’s really not that hard. I change her diaper, feed her, let her play, put her down for a nap and since I have to do that with E it’s not like I am losing any time in my regular schedule. Expect maybe not being able to go in my room and do laundry or clean or file since she’s taking a nap. But hey, who wants to do those things anyways 😉 Haha.

Both girls nap for a good two hours during the afternoon so I get a chance to do some chores, take a nap, or do whatever it is that I want to do! I’ll call that my lunch break, even though I get to eat lunch while I’m not on break. Who else gets a two-hour lunch break and only works 9-5? Not that many people.

Now that Montessori school starts I no longer have the four-year old in tow so that leaves me with two napping babies Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My times might change from 8-5 but hey! I still get a two-hour nap break!! Beat that baby!

Another wonderful thing about my job is that I am making another Mom’s life easier and more relaxing. She gets to breathe easy because she know’s her daughter is safe and she gets to go to work and enjoy her work life as much as I get to enjoy mine!

So although my vacation is coming to halt, I really must say I live a life of luxury and every day is technically a vacation day for me. AND I get paid for it 😛 So if you ever hear me complain about what I have to do or if I fuss about not getting things done you can just remind me about this post. It’s true. My life rocks!!!

I’ll end with a cute picture I got of E this past Monday when I went to see E’s great grandparents who we call Ninny and Pop. By the time we got to the house she was saying their names with no problems 😉


Apparently she thinks she lives a life of luxury too 😉 She was in mid-run headed straight for the camera. Super cute.

Love Always,


Crafts: Project 1 of 5

16 Jun

So here it is! The first project of my A Project A Day For Five Days attempt! This project is what every little girl needs. A flowery picture frame 🙂 The picture isn’t the best because I was running out of natural light but I still love it!!!!

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time but somehow I just put it aside and forgot all about it! Thank goodness for craft challenges or it might have been much longer before I started digging through my drawers finding something to do. I might even make a frame with each individual flower just for fun but it was super easy and a lot of fun to do!

Stay tuned for some more projects for the next four days!

Love Always,


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