Crafts: Project 2 of 5

17 Jun

Today I repurposed a cork board for my project today. I’ve been wanting to this for so long and it’s so nice to finally have a place to keep all my miscellaneous things and still look pretty 🙂 I found this fabric in the scrap section of JoAnn‘s a while ago and it came in handy because the colors match our living room and since my craft area is in the common area it’s nice to make it flow with the rest of the room.

This was a super easy project and only took a few minutes and a man with muscle. Seeing as how I couldn’t work the monstrous staple gun, I left that part to my father 😉

While I was out shopping I grabbed a few other things this morning… another project that might take longer than I expected is punch needle. I got a cute home sweet home sign to start out with to keep it simple but boy is it going to take some patience 😉

I got new needles so I can sew some burp cloths without killing my machine 😛 I’m determined to do those.

I found some vinyl paper for my cricut cutter on sale!! They are usually $5.99 and were on sale for a little over $2.00 so I can try out some designs for our living room and E’s room and not feel like I wasted money!

And of course I can’t go to the store without at least looking at stamps so I got two new ones and hopefully I’ll have two new frames to show you when I get around to that.

So lots more fun to come!! Seems like I’m on a roll here, let’s keep it going!! I’m consistently working on the embroidery project and the punch needle project a little bit each day so that when those will be ready sooner rather than later and I need to pick up my pace on the scarf but this hott weather is making it hard to pick up the yarn & needle.

Let me know what you think.

Love Always,



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