Crafts: A little too late..

20 Jun

Today was my first day back to work from vacation and as hard as I tried (I’ll admit not that hard) I haven’t stopped to craft. So project 5 of 5  will hopefully be here tomorrow 😉 I thought I would be exhausted from not being used to all the lifting, bending, playing, cleaning, feeding, walking – but I did a little something different today.

When the girls went down for their nap. I napped 😛 So that’s my reason for not trying so hard today. Instead of using that three hours of me time to do something crafty.. I catched up on some ZzzZZzz’s!

Then this afternoon instead of being crafty I played with E. Then we ate dinner, played some more, and went for a walk. After the walk we had tubby time!! We splashed and giggled and practiced our ABC’S 123’s with the floaty foam letters and numbers, we washed and scrubbed and cleaned our ears and even brushed our teeth!!  Then I just put her down for a nap. And here’s where I get in trouble 😛

It’s 9:00 .. and I just put her down! Luckily B is out playing softball with the boys or I would be in some serious trouble!!!!! E usually goes to bed around 7:30 – 8:00 so if I didn’t get anything done on my “me time” list this is when I usually jump up and get something done. After all that.. I think I am just going to sit here and crochet. It’s too late to pull everything out and even though I took a long nap my body is telling me no.

So I’m sorry for those who are waiting for a seriously crafty post :/ Instead I’ll send you over to my favorite crafty person’s blog because unlike me she always has awesome crafts with great photo’s to look at!

Love Always,


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