Crafts: Maroon & Gold

29 Jun

Yesterday I went shopping for yarn, paint, and thread for the craft fair I’m doing. It was seriously hard to find a gold color that wasn’t yellow, orange, or literally gold. What I needed was a golden-yellow. Luckily I found one that will do and had the same brand in a good maroon color but it’s not as soft as I would like it to be. I got started on making an all gold scarf today and I’m already a quarter way through after an hour and a half of straight crocheting!

The girls are going down for naps now so I’ll have another three hours to get it done. I might not finish it but I’m crossing my fingers I do! I also bought another punch needle from a different craft store while I was out. I’m crossing my fingers that even though this one cost less.. it works better. We’ll see how that goes 😉

I still have to go back at some point and pick out some beads since I decided I was going to do my beaded letters along with everything else. If all goes well I’ll be selling scarves (kids & adult sizes), blankets (also kids & adult sizes – these are already done though), beaded letters, e-reader covers, burp cloths, frames, and depending on this punch needle I might have a few pillows too 🙂

The thing I am most worried about is figuring out how to tag/initial all these things so that people will know it’s my work and have enough in time for the craft fair! I’ve set up a daily routine that I think will work for me which will give me a total of just under 300 items to sell. If I work on some weekends I bet I could get to 300 no problem. So here I was thinking I wouldn’t have enough to sell. Now I’m wondering if there’s anyway that I’ll ever sell 300 items in four days??!!

I’ll be posting the picture of the scarf, frame, and beaded letter I finish later tonight, so stop by and check them out!

Love Always,


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