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Daily Life: Picnic & Play Time

30 Jun

Today was a fun day with girls. It’s amazing that they are a year apart yet they love the same toys and play together so well. E spent the whole time fetching toys for P while P played happily and watched E run around to fetch more toys! While they were napping this afternoon I got the great idea of having a picnic & play time outside. Wondering what it is?

Play Time!

and Picnic – including foods that both a 1-year-old and 2-year-old like to eat (that is not always easy!)

Now I’m sitting here watching E play in the pool. About every two seconds she pours water out of a Tupperware and says “Oh No!” shocked as if she didn’t expect it to spill out 😛 For all the troubling things the terrible two’s brings – this is not one of them. She could sit in a pool and play for hours if I let her. Unfortunately she’ll be pulled out at 7:30 to get ready for bedtime but I’m sure she’ll enjoy it until then 😉

Love Always,


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