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Daily Life: Stitch & B*tch

31 Jul

Today was my first stitch & b*tch! I was completely nervous about jumping in to a group of knitters & crocheters that had been meeting together and being the newbie. Well I’m so glad that I went! I met some amazing people and they are making me want to do projects I never thought I could.. but with their help I think I might just be able to!!

Here are a few projects I have in my “hope to do list”:







Super excited! Which one would you like to see me do?

Love Always,


Crafts: A Crafty Day Indeed!

29 Jul

Today was the ultimate crafty day! Yesterday I was feeling lost, confused, and frustrated. Staying on a schedule with a two-year old and one year old is really hard!! Not to mention that I no longer get a break at 5:00. My break doesn’t come until 8:00! By then I’m usually on the couch holding up a white flag 😉 You’re lucky if I’m still awake at 10:00!!

I don’t know why today is so different from yesterday. I didn’t make a new list of things or organize my life. I didn’t re-prioritize anything or make a new schedule. In fact, I sat on the computer longer today than I usually do (thanks to and I STILL got more done than I have any day this past week. I guess the important thing is that at least today I was enjoying it. So here I am taking a vow – if I’m not feeling crafty and I just want to mark things off my list. I’m going to make a non-crafty list and mark it off 😉

Let’s keep being crafty for when we are feeling crafty!!  So enough of my talking right? Lets see what I did!

This is a sneak peek of what I’m working on at the moment 😀 I’m sure you all can guess what it is 😉

Then I finally made a swatch so I could play around with my crochet needle. Obviously this isn’t anything special – just trying things out to get some ideas going 😀




A boyish burp cloth



and a girly one!

Both of this are listed on my etsy page at:

It may not seem like all that much but I feel like I’ve completed more than I put on my to do list for the weekend! Which is good since we are going to Maryland again to see my grandmother. Which means long car ride – which means crocheting the whole way there and back.

Then since I got addicted to I am meeting a group of people for a Stitch & *itch (hehe I love the name but we’ll keep it child friendly!) on Sunday. They meet at the local Panera Bread and sit and crochet/knit and chat from 3:00-close! I have a feeling I might just finish my crocheting in one night as long as I’m not too busy talking 😛

If you haven’t been to raverly before it’s basically an awesome website for anyone who does anything with yarn. You create a profile, show off your projects or patterns, sell stuff, join groups, do swaps, find free patterns, buy patterns, ask a question and get a zillion answers on how to do something you’ve never done before. Yeah – it has everything! So if you like any of those things – you should probably check it out 😉

Well I’m going to go back to be crafty because apparently it’s not out of my system yet!!

Love Always,



Feature Friday: JoArtyJo

29 Jul

Feature Friday Presents:




Red Dotty Bird, Original Ink Drawing ACEO      Blue Dotty Birds, ACEO Original Ink Drawing          

Red Dotty Bird, Original I…           Blue Dotty Birds, ACEO Ori…      

JoArtyJo                                           JoArtyJo                                                                                   

$9.99 USD                                        $9.99 USD                                                                            

Bright Orange Flower, Original ACEO Ink Drawing       Original ACEO Ink Drawing, Heart Zendoodle

Bright Orange Flower, Orig…         Original ACEO Ink Drawing,…

JoArtyJo                                             JoArtyJo

$9.99 USD                                          $9.99 USD

Apple Zendoodle, Original ACEO       ACEO Original Ink Drawing, Painting the Roses Red           

Apple Zendoodle, Original …            ACEO Original Ink Drawing,…      

JoArtyJo                                             JoArtyJo                                                                                   

$9.99 USD                                          $9.99 USD                                                                             

Orange Dotty Bird, Original Ink Drawing ACEO       Original Ink Drawing, Flower Zendoodle 3.5" x 5"

Orange Dotty Bird, Origina…           Original Ink Drawing, Flow…

JoArtyJo                                             JoArtyJo

 $9.99 USD                                         $14.99 USD


JoArtyJo is a stay at home mom in St Albans, UK. She was working as a high school math teacher until she had her baby who is now 16 months! She draws whenever she can – which means she draws whenever baby is asleep 😉  She just opened her Etsy shop so she could sell her original drawings and is so excited about it! To celebrate she is offering all readers 20% off anything in her shop for 7 days! Just type in the promo code: MOM20 before midnight Thursday night! I have already picked out two that are going on my Christmas list for E’s room 😀 Here are some questions I got to ask her:


What got you interested in crafting?

Probably playschool! Seriously I cannot remember a time I did not like arts and crafts. I must have been about 6 when I (with a tiny bit of help from my mum) won the ‘decorate an easter egg’ competition with my humpty dumpty sat on a matchbox decorated as a wall! Drawing has always been my main arty love though, and I can remember enjoying this all through school and always getting boxes of art materials for christmas and birthdays.


What has been your favorite project to make and why?

I am loving my new black, white and sometimes a splash of colour style. I enjoy using ink on watercolour paper and how the textured paper enhances the overall feel of the drawing. I love my latest creation, Dotty Birds, I think they are very sweet and they are great fun to draw and colour in.

I love making ACEOs. ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions, and Originals. They have only one rule, they MUST measure 2.5” x 3.5”. This is the size of a baseball card, this size was chosen so they can be easily collected and traded, and fit in standard trading card sleeves. Some people mount and frame these miniature pieces of art, others store them in books which make fantastic talking points when friends come over. Because they are so small ACEOs are an affordable way to collect original artwork (and also prints), and if you store them in a book they do not need to match your wallpaper!


If you could open up a shop in your town what would you call it and what would it be like?

 I would stick with my etsy name as I like the ring it has to it- JoArtyJo, and I would fill it with my drawings. From tiny ACEOs to larger pieces, in varied styles. I would include coloured pencil drawings and watercolour paintings as well as my ink drawings.

What is the most challenging thing you have made?

I like to paint as well as draw, and particularly love watercolours, although they are a challenging medium to work with. So I would probably say my watercolour paintings. I have recently discovered watercolour pencils and I am enjoying experimenting with them!

What are some of your goals you hope to achieve within the next year?

I want to get my shop established and send my artwork all over the world! Once established I would like to expand my shop to include watercolour paintings and coloured pencil drawings.


What inspires you to be crafty?

Mainly other artists! I enjoy seeing beautiful creations and being inspired to create my own. I am constantly in awe of work I see, especially the detail on tiny ACEOs.


What is your best quality when it comes to your crafts?

I think it is my ‘shading’, which in the case of my ink drawings is using dots and lines to create the shading effect. Shading is what I love most about working in pencil and coloured pencil.


If you could have one thing to help your store what would it be?

More space in my house for all of my equipment, a proper studio with great light and space to have all of my materials to hand at the same time! We can all dream!


If you haven’t already checked out her page to see what else she has to offer go ahead and check out her page:

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


P.S. If you’d like to be on a Feature Friday send me a message!

Crafts: Pretty In Pink Burp Cloth

28 Jul

Yay!! I finished the burp cloth in record time 😉 I’m not going to lie – I pushed myself through this one so I could check it off the list. It turned out great though! Maybe I should push myself more often 😉 haha – Yeah that’s no fun so I’ll stick to slow and steady.

Since this one is definitely girly the next one will be boyish! I’ve already got it cut and ready to go so hopefully it won’t sit on my to do list for much longer.



I am really starting to think that my schedule has gone out the window and I am feeling like it’s a little chaotic around here! It’s probably because toys are all over the floor, the kitchen needs a little tlc, my work area is cluttered, laundry isn’t done, and this side table is filled with .. miscellaneous things that need to go! So after this post I am going to take a break, make a list, redo my schedule, and pass out so I can be rejuvenated and ready to get back on track tomorrow. Wish me luck..

Love Always,



Crafts: Tagging It Up

28 Jul

What I thought would be a quick – maybe an hour project.. became an entire day event! I knew I needed a new black ink cartridge – I’ve needed one for months now! So this morning I ran out to the store and bought some along with printable fabric paper and a crochet needle. I had already taught myself a new crocheting trick, planned on making a quick swatch and doing some designing with the crochet needle, then taking a break and printing tags, then making a new burp cloth! That was the plan..

Once I got home and started up the printer (which hasn’t been used in MONTHS) I then realized I needed three cartridges – not one! Back to the store I went thinking that this trip is costing me more than I planned on spending and making me a little frustrated. I got home played around with printing ideas – decided to make it simple and tested a page. Loved it! Printed it on fabric paper and sewed it into a new burp cloth which is still needed to be finished!!

I haven’t made a swatch or played with my crochet needle but I’m hoping I’ll have time for that during nap time tomorrow but I’m slowly starting to realize why it’s taking me so long to get things done that I normally had no problem doing in one day. With B working so late and me being the only one here to entertain, feed, and get E ready for bed – it takes up all that extra time I had to get last minute things done. So now when she’s going for bed I’m wasting a lot of time cleaning up, getting ready for tomorrow, and running around with my head loose wondering how it’s already 9:00 and I am just now sitting down and trying to plan what I wanted to get done. Unfortunately it’s not enough time.. I’m going to have to think of a new dinner time routine. Back to the drawing board!

But before I do all that – here’s the finished picture of the tag!

Not the best quality picture but it will do for now. I’m just glad that’s something I can cross of my list .. after I finish sewing the rest of the burp cloth that is 😉

Time to go back to running around with my head loose!

Love Always,


Crafts: Maroon Pocket Scarf

27 Jul

This is another one of my additions towards the craft fair this coming November 🙂

As most of you know I did my first pocket scarf using a golden yellow color and I absolutely LOVED the way it turned out so of course it’s only fitting to make one in maroon! I think it turned out really well and I am already on to making the next one 🙂 What color will it be this time?? You’ll just have to wait and see!

If you like what you see or want to check out what else I have to offer – head over to:

Love Always,


Daily Life: Cooking Queen!

25 Jul

There’s something about me you should probably know. I’m not the best cook ever. Boxed meals with instructions are some of my best meals. I make an awesome Parmesan Chicken & Fettechini Alfredo – but the Alfredo is the only thing I make from scratch. Taco soup is probably my favorite meal – but it’s all cans, seasoning packets, and a pound of hamburger. Enchilada’s – now that’s another story!

I got creative and adventurous when I was in high school. My dad was living in D.C. my senior year, my sister at college, and with my mom working she said she wasn’t cooking meals anymore so it was up to me to make dinner for myself or I was left to PB&J’s and deli sandwiches. Well PB&J’s and deli sandwiches get old after a while and when you’ve grown up having a hot HUGE yummy meal every night – you start craving the madness and get adventurous. I took out one of my mom’s recipe books – ran to the grocery store for a few things – and made the BEST enchilada’s EVER. I didn’t exactly follow the recipe and I think that was my favorite thing about it. I was so proud of me not following directions and making something so amazing!

Luckily I married a cook who was great at making a million different things and since then I haven’t really had to cook anything. Maybe a few lunches and then some box dinners when he needs the night off. This new job of B’s? Yeah he’s never home for dinner. After a week of eating traditional meals that I can make – boxed dinners and a few things I am okay at – I wanted something different. I pulled out some chicken, butter, and breadcrumbs. Defrosted, rolled in butter, dipped in breadcrumbs. In the oven they went! Boiled some pasta, made some tomato sauce with garlic, pepper, and a few other spices. Added LOTS of cheese and watched it melt 😀 (My favorite part of cooking!!) Got some brocoli and cheese out since E needs some veggies and TADA! There you have it!

I sat down assuming it might taste blahh like most of my meals from scratch end up tasting and surprise! It was actually good 😀 and E ate a good amount – minus the broccoli….

Either way – I am super proud of me and I know B would be too 😀



Love Always,


Daily Life: What the Heck!?

25 Jul

Today has been an unusal day! Most monday’s are get thing done days and I always end up being super proud of everything I’ve accomplished! Today is what the heck day!? I’m babysitting as usual today and P has been more active than I’ve ever seen her. E has been plopping on her but and laughing every time P stumbles on her bottom – cute I know. P also is getting a little more independent! Lunch time routine was normal but this time when I walked around the corner to get what I needed (both girls strapped into high chairs – don’t freak out) P didn’t scream bloody murder! Apparently it’s now okay if I am not in sight for a second!

Here’s where the what the heck comes in.. neither of the girls wanted to take a nap today. After all that playing, walking, falling, giggling, pulling out every toy we own, and eating – neither of them are tired?! I’m exhausted just from watching it!! Both girls just went down about a half an hour ago – when they usual go down about two and half hours ago.. this is going to be one interesting night. I’m thinking early to bed but if E sleeps late that might not happen either!

I was reading another mom’s blog about mommy time. She was saying, “Mommy time? Who get’s mommy time? Does mommy time actually exist!?” and goes on to talk about how she has a million things to do when she gets a break from the kids – laundry, vacuum, clean, shower, cook, and the list goes on! I on the other hand am lucky enough to have two that nap at the same time – for the same length and I actually GET mommy time if I do all my chores in between. Mommy time for me consists of napping, crafting, watching tv, blogging, reading, or sitting and staring at the wall wondering how much longer until B gets home 😉

Today I am just now getting mommy time.. and if the girls wake up at their usual time. I’m about to be done with my mommy time! But I just started!!! What the heck!!?

Looks like I’m going to have to reschedule some mommy time in here somewhere else..

Love Always,


Daily Life: Hubby Time

24 Jul

Today I am spending the day shopping with my man. For someone who only shops at best buy and fast food restaurants this is going to be exciting!! Now that he works at a place without uniforms – or really a dress code at all – he wants to go buy some new jeans and t-shirts so we are going to head to Kohls. I am also going clothes shopping for E. Since all of her clothes are a size too small… and we got a TON of birthday money I’m going to go a little crazy 😉 Hopefully E can handle having a little bit of a late nap today because I have a feeling this is going to take a little longer than B thinks it is!

Here’s some pictures of E’s birthday celebration!!








We had a great time and E has been playing with her new toys all morning!! She also has a few new words to her vocabulary: Aunt K, Charlotte (which sounds perfectly clear!), ice cream, ding-dong (doorbell on her doll house), and stick it (thanks to Uncle J).

We are so lucky to have an amazing family 🙂

Love Always,


Crafts: Gotta love feedback!

22 Jul

I’m feeling a little bit inspired today! I got great feedback from the order that I just sent out and it feels GREAT! I’m also halfway through with my next scarf and excited about having the time to make another burp cloth tonight. It’s amazing how great getting a sale feels, and then on top of it getting back a good review is just the icing on the cake. Here’s what he had to say:

An amazing seller, she really went the extra mile for me on creating this custom item for me. You can tell she really cares about creating what the customer wants.


Yay!!! I love making other people happy. Especially with something that could last a lifetime. Handmade gifts are AWESOME!! There’s just something about them that make it so much more personal. Here’s the order that he asked for:

He wanted two Crimson & Gray elephant frames with glass & a stand on the back. Since I’d never done glass or a stand before I was a little nervous – went around for estimates of how much it would cost to get glass cut in that tiny size – found out it costs the same as how much the frames cost!! My dad tried cutting glass for me – epic fail. Then we went to one more place where they didn’t charge us an arm and a leg and now I have 20 more pieces of glass I can use for other frames. YAY!

So a big thanks to this amazing buyer for not hesitating to ask for additional things! I now have a favorite glass store and another feature to sell to other customers.

Oh and a huge smile on my face from the awesome feedback 🙂

I think I’ll keep up  the hard work!

Love Always,


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