Crafts: One Successful Crafty Day!

2 Jul

Today I had planned on getting up early, running errands, buying everything I needed to complete the crafts I plan on doing for the craft fair, coming home, AND crafting! I quickly realized that my budget said I couldn’t buy EVERYTHING on my list so I prioritized and knocked a few things off but I think I still have plenty to go on 😉

My top choices have rearranged a little.. I initially was going to have the majority of my work be scarves, but after today.. I just can’t help but want to make a million burp cloths instead!! Check out what I did!

I also made a frame. Now here’s the warning. I know it’s not perfect. It’s flawed in many ways!! This was a trial and error for me and I have some tweaking to do so the next one comes out exactly as planned but I wanted you to see it anyways!


 I was considering working on another burp cloth tonight but with E in bed I really don’t want to take the chance of waking her up! Normally with B in the house the TV is on or he’s playing video games and she goes to bed with the noise but with him away it’s been super quite around here.. If I jump in and start making noise she might wake up and boy do I not want to deal with that all by myself this weekend 😉 I think I might stick to making a new frame or crocheting. I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday to get things done so I’m not too worried!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!

Love Always,


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