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Crafts: Baby things are fun to make!

3 Jul

Today I cut a zillion pieces of fabric for baby burp cloths. I made a new one that’s a little more girly:

I started to prime a couple of frames but they are still drying. I am going to try to get one final down of the bull islander then I have a design I want to do in Maroon and Gold that I think will look really cute. Even if I finish it tonight I probably won’t post it until tomorrow. I’m starting to get tired from everything I did today so I know I’m not going to last much longer 😉

I still have two days of crafting left to do and hopefully with B coming home tomorrow and Oma and Papa offering to babysit some I’ll be able to get in twice as much as I have lately. Now that there’s nothing left to clean I won’t have any distractions 😉 Haha. Goodnight everyone!!

Love Always,


Crafts: Craft Area Makeover

3 Jul

Today was cleaning/organizing day. With B out of the house and E spending some time with Oma and Papa this girl got some cleaning done!! After taking over the entire place with the vacuum and cleaning supplies I decided to reorganize my craft area. I titled it as a makeover but it really should say OVERHAUL! With everything I purchased yesterday and the lack of space I have for my stuff, it was time to get down and dirty!

I’ve been focusing on the five things I’m going to be selling, so all other crafts are taking a backseat to the storage area. Also all the stuff I already made along with the extra supplies I bought that just wont fit found their way into the storage. I got baskets out and hung up as much as I could on my cork board to give me as much working space as possible.. but let’s just say. I have A LOT of stuff..

I hung up all my beading supplies and swatches of fabric

Shoved as many rolls of yarn as I could in my basket!

Then I organized my fabric into burp cloths and zipper pouches:

I have a feeling that I’ll be back out to buy more for this project because I didn’t realize how much I love doing it!!

The the zipper pouches!! Because this requires more stuff (lining, stiffener, zippers) I needed double the space. The fabric is stacked double high with the lining on the bottom. As you can see as of right now I have four zippers. With the amount of fabric I have .. I might need more zippers 😉

Then off to the storage because I already ran out of room………. so sad.

My box of frames (some for sale – some not)

Microspun yarn and finished scarves (all for sale)

Then leftover yarn I couldn’t fit in my first basket… that’s a lot of yarn!!

And I’m not quite done yet .. but I am out of pictures! I have a box of frames coming in two weeks because I’m running low on those 😉

So some might consider that organizing, cleaning, rearranging, or just plan boxing – to me it was an overhaul/makeover!

In about 15 minutes Nana and Dodo are coming to pick up E for a birthday party while I get my craft on. Expect another post with some exciting new things!

Love Always,


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