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Crafts: What to Expect When You Least Expect It!

7 Jul

That’s right, incase you thought that was all I had left, I just went out and bought more fabric for birp cloths 😀 Check it out!

Today was my shopping today and with my new coupon addiction I have done AMAZING. No I haven’t gotten anything free, no I haven’t gotten money back yet, but I will!! I just need a few more weeks of stocking up and a little more organizing on my part. I did however get all the above purchased fabric for half off! What’s that? Yes I did, because of coupons. So go ahead and make fun of me. You can call me a crazy coupon lady, but I haven’t paid full price for mcuh in the past few weeks and I don’t intead to ever pay full price again!

Then updated pictures of what I did yesterday! They look so much better in natural light!!

I am super happy with how they turned out and I can’t wait to see what the new fabric looks like 😀 So all in all, shopping is all I got done today, but that’s what most shopping days turn out to be. Tonight is a different story! B has tennis practice, E and I are going to eat a quick & easy meal, and then it’s back to the crafting table for me! I hope to finish my newest crocheting project tonight! It’s got a few different touches I haven’t done before and I am super excited to show them off!

Stay tuned for more crafty things 😉

Love Always,



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