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Daily Life: Hello Sunset

10 Jul

Tonight I am sitting out on my patio watching the sun go down while E is filling a bucket with water from her pool and watering all the plants (mostly the patio). She is so adorable right now!! Today was a mommy day. Most mommy days consist of me crafting because that’s the only time I can do certain crafts uninterrupted. This mommy day was very different! I took a little vacation today. My mom and I packed up and headed to the pool with no time constraint and child free!! I laid out in the sun and baked away (which now I am regretting a little — thank you sunburnt legs) and lounged in the pool. This was not as easy a task as it sounds though.

This mommy has issues! I don’t know what it is about me but ever since I had E – I’ve put it in my head that it’s not okay to just sit around. So for the first hour of being at the pool I was stressing out about all the things I wasn’t doing. All the things that haven’t gotten done. Worst of all – I was thinking of all the things I haven’t accomplished yet that I thought I would have by now. Depressing right!?

After that hour of insanity and dragging myself down I realized just how much I needed to turn off that mommy brain of mine and just breath! So today I made a new weekly schedule. One that includes some down time. Every Sunday is now mommy pool day!! As long as the weather permits until summer is over and the pool is closed because this mommy needs a break and this mommy hasn’t had a tan since college!!!!!!!!!! That’s depressing 😉

Every Wednesday afternoon Mommy, Oma, and E are going to the pool so I can have a little more of a chance to get some more rays and E can enjoy her obsession with pouring water into and onto many things as she want 😉

Every night that the weather is decent enough. I am sitting on the patio and watching the sunset. Why? Because I need some mommy down time! Luckily this fits in with my crafting schedule so I won’t be stressing out 😉

So for all of you Mom’s out there that are working too hard, doing too much, and not relaxing. Take a few minutes and see if you can fit some down time you love most in that crazy schedule of yours. It’s worth it. I promise!!

Love Always,


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