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Daily Life: Family Time

11 Jul

Today we had family come in that we haven’t seen in ages!! The best part of all? They have a little girl that’s a little under E’s age. Seeing them play together tonight was unbelievably cute and of course comparing stories and tips with another mom is super fun. Especially when that mom is exactly like me!! We have so much in common that it wasn’t hard to keep the conversation going 😉

I’m one of those relaxed/carefree mom’s who doesn’t care if my daughter’s hair is a little messy, or that she eats with her hands and she likes it! I believe in the 5 second rule because a little dirt doesn’t hurt! As long as E is happy and not putting herself in danger – I’m happy. If you are having a heart attack reading this .. you should probably stop reading because I’m about to say something most people would scream about. My daughter still takes a bottle and she’ll be two in two weeks. Now don’t get me wrong! I have tried on multiple occasions in a zillion different ways but this kid is NOT ready. Should I force her to be ready? No! Am I going to keep trying different methods until one works? Yes!! Am I going to go cold turkey? NOO! She’ll quit when she’s ready and I’ll keep trying until then.  My parents joke that once she hits peer pressure she’ll quit 😉 That always makes me giggle.

But don’t you just love those rare moments? Maybe it’s just rare for me but sometimes I feel like most mom’s around me don’t quite get me, or they don’t even want to. It may just be my anxiety that throws my head through the loops but it really does feel good when you have another mom to share things with who isn’t going to judge you for what you say. Heck, we spent the majority of the night laughing at what each other said!! That’s what I’ve always thought it was supposed to be like! Sure we do a few things differently – but all in all – we just want our kids to be happy.

I read another blog about a mom who was discussing breast-feeding and how it changed her views on a few things about the mothers we surround ourself with and it really hit me. It is so important as a mom to feel like the decisions you  make as a parent are the right one, but just because another mom doesn’t do it your way or gives you grief about what you are doing – doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s just different. How come there aren’t a lot more mom’s out there like this? and if there are – where are you!!??? I need a few more mom’s like this in my life and thankfully I think my family has given me a great one to keep in touch with.

Thank Goodness for family!

Love Always,




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