Daily Life: Kicking My Kidney

15 Jul

If you don’t know me – then you don’t know my kidney‘s hate me. Freshman year of college I had kidney stones. I woke up feeling like my stomach was eating itself so I grabbed two packs of pop-tarts instead of one and headed to class. Sitting through class I wasn’t feeling to hott and eating was NOT making it any better. In fact I immediately stopped eating after a few bites of the first pop tart. I also have hypoglycemia so when I got hot flashes and immediately after that got cold chills I thought for sure I was going to pass out and I held out through class knowing I was missing everything the teacher was saying and it was going to be a rough week (this class wasn’t easy..). Class finally ended and I walked out of the room and realized that I could barely walk once I got to the door. My side was in so much pain I thought I was going to die. Somehow in a weird uncomfortable pushing myself kind of way I made it to my dorm where I fell on my floor and didn’t move for a half hour. It got worse. I started crying and it wouldn’t go away. At about that time my roommate woke up and freaked out, she got on WebMD and swore my appendix was bursting. She then dragged me to the school doctor’s office and I was still crying and almost screaming!! Finally got rushed into a back room and they shot me with some drugs because they couldn’t get my temperature, blood pressure, or anything because I was in fetal position screaming. An ambulance ride and a couple of hours later I was sent home with no answer to what was wrong with me. This happened twice more until they found out I had kidney stones.

Everyone says that kidney stones are the worst pain you can ever feel. I don’t know if it’s because I had my kidney stones first but a few years after that I broke my leg – didn’t hurt half as bad as kidney stones. A few years after the broken leg I gave birth – still was not NEARLY as painful as kidney stones. Yesterday at 1:00 a.m. My stomach started hurting and I thought it would go away. It didn’t. Mid-afternoon still hurting and I thought – crap it’s kidney stones isn’t it.. but it was a little different. This pain came and went away and came and went away every couple of minutes.

Last night I went to the hospital because it kept getting worse – now I was feeling like they were just like contractions – but hello!! I’m not pregnant!! Two hours of waiting and a few tests later. There’s a kidney stone that looks like it could drop – but it hasn’t dropped yet so it shouldnt’ be causing pain (very much like the result I got at my first trip to the hospital freshman year). Appendix test – not it. The only thing they can come up with is a kidney infection. I’m not sold on the answer just because last time it took three hospital visits for them to figure out it was kidney stones – but either way JUST TAKE THE FLIPPING KIDNEY OUT! I’m ready to divorce this kidney and move on with my life 😉

So a big apology to all of those who have been wondering why I have been MIA. My kidney hates me and I hate my kidney too 😛

Hope everyone else had a better week than me!!

Love Always,


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