Crafts: Gotta love feedback!

22 Jul

I’m feeling a little bit inspired today! I got great feedback from the order that I just sent out and it feels GREAT! I’m also halfway through with my next scarf and excited about having the time to make another burp cloth tonight. It’s amazing how great getting a sale feels, and then on top of it getting back a good review is just the icing on the cake. Here’s what he had to say:

An amazing seller, she really went the extra mile for me on creating this custom item for me. You can tell she really cares about creating what the customer wants.


Yay!!! I love making other people happy. Especially with something that could last a lifetime. Handmade gifts are AWESOME!! There’s just something about them that make it so much more personal. Here’s the order that he asked for:

He wanted two Crimson & Gray elephant frames with glass & a stand on the back. Since I’d never done glass or a stand before I was a little nervous – went around for estimates of how much it would cost to get glass cut in that tiny size – found out it costs the same as how much the frames cost!! My dad tried cutting glass for me – epic fail. Then we went to one more place where they didn’t charge us an arm and a leg and now I have 20 more pieces of glass I can use for other frames. YAY!

So a big thanks to this amazing buyer for not hesitating to ask for additional things! I now have a favorite glass store and another feature to sell to other customers.

Oh and a huge smile on my face from the awesome feedback 🙂

I think I’ll keep up  the hard work!

Love Always,


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