Daily Life: What the Heck!?

25 Jul

Today has been an unusal day! Most monday’s are get thing done days and I always end up being super proud of everything I’ve accomplished! Today is what the heck day!? I’m babysitting as usual today and P has been more active than I’ve ever seen her. E has been plopping on her but and laughing every time P stumbles on her bottom – cute I know. P also is getting a little more independent! Lunch time routine was normal but this time when I walked around the corner to get what I needed (both girls strapped into high chairs – don’t freak out) P didn’t scream bloody murder! Apparently it’s now okay if I am not in sight for a second!

Here’s where the what the heck comes in.. neither of the girls wanted to take a nap today. After all that playing, walking, falling, giggling, pulling out every toy we own, and eating – neither of them are tired?! I’m exhausted just from watching it!! Both girls just went down about a half an hour ago – when they usual go down about two and half hours ago.. this is going to be one interesting night. I’m thinking early to bed but if E sleeps late that might not happen either!

I was reading another mom’s blog about mommy time. She was saying, “Mommy time? Who get’s mommy time? Does mommy time actually exist!?” and goes on to talk about how she has a million things to do when she gets a break from the kids – laundry, vacuum, clean, shower, cook, and the list goes on! I on the other hand am lucky enough to have two that nap at the same time – for the same length and I actually GET mommy time if I do all my chores in between. Mommy time for me consists of napping, crafting, watching tv, blogging, reading, or sitting and staring at the wall wondering how much longer until B gets home 😉

Today I am just now getting mommy time.. and if the girls wake up at their usual time. I’m about to be done with my mommy time! But I just started!!! What the heck!!?

Looks like I’m going to have to reschedule some mommy time in here somewhere else..

Love Always,


2 Responses to “Daily Life: What the Heck!?”

  1. talkingishard August 1, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    Someone else who just sits and stares at the wall sometimes…. fabulous!

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