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Crafts: Pretty In Pink Burp Cloth

28 Jul

Yay!! I finished the burp cloth in record time 😉 I’m not going to lie – I pushed myself through this one so I could check it off the list. It turned out great though! Maybe I should push myself more often 😉 haha – Yeah that’s no fun so I’ll stick to slow and steady.

Since this one is definitely girly the next one will be boyish! I’ve already got it cut and ready to go so hopefully it won’t sit on my to do list for much longer.



I am really starting to think that my schedule has gone out the window and I am feeling like it’s a little chaotic around here! It’s probably because toys are all over the floor, the kitchen needs a little tlc, my work area is cluttered, laundry isn’t done, and this side table is filled with .. miscellaneous things that need to go! So after this post I am going to take a break, make a list, redo my schedule, and pass out so I can be rejuvenated and ready to get back on track tomorrow. Wish me luck..

Love Always,




Crafts: Tagging It Up

28 Jul

What I thought would be a quick – maybe an hour project.. became an entire day event! I knew I needed a new black ink cartridge – I’ve needed one for months now! So this morning I ran out to the store and bought some along with printable fabric paper and a crochet needle. I had already taught myself a new crocheting trick, planned on making a quick swatch and doing some designing with the crochet needle, then taking a break and printing tags, then making a new burp cloth! That was the plan..

Once I got home and started up the printer (which hasn’t been used in MONTHS) I then realized I needed three cartridges – not one! Back to the store I went thinking that this trip is costing me more than I planned on spending and making me a little frustrated. I got home played around with printing ideas – decided to make it simple and tested a page. Loved it! Printed it on fabric paper and sewed it into a new burp cloth which is still needed to be finished!!

I haven’t made a swatch or played with my crochet needle but I’m hoping I’ll have time for that during nap time tomorrow but I’m slowly starting to realize why it’s taking me so long to get things done that I normally had no problem doing in one day. With B working so late and me being the only one here to entertain, feed, and get E ready for bed – it takes up all that extra time I had to get last minute things done. So now when she’s going for bed I’m wasting a lot of time cleaning up, getting ready for tomorrow, and running around with my head loose wondering how it’s already 9:00 and I am just now sitting down and trying to plan what I wanted to get done. Unfortunately it’s not enough time.. I’m going to have to think of a new dinner time routine. Back to the drawing board!

But before I do all that – here’s the finished picture of the tag!

Not the best quality picture but it will do for now. I’m just glad that’s something I can cross of my list .. after I finish sewing the rest of the burp cloth that is 😉

Time to go back to running around with my head loose!

Love Always,


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