Crafts: A Crafty Day Indeed!

29 Jul

Today was the ultimate crafty day! Yesterday I was feeling lost, confused, and frustrated. Staying on a schedule with a two-year old and one year old is really hard!! Not to mention that I no longer get a break at 5:00. My break doesn’t come until 8:00! By then I’m usually on the couch holding up a white flag 😉 You’re lucky if I’m still awake at 10:00!!

I don’t know why today is so different from yesterday. I didn’t make a new list of things or organize my life. I didn’t re-prioritize anything or make a new schedule. In fact, I sat on the computer longer today than I usually do (thanks to and I STILL got more done than I have any day this past week. I guess the important thing is that at least today I was enjoying it. So here I am taking a vow – if I’m not feeling crafty and I just want to mark things off my list. I’m going to make a non-crafty list and mark it off 😉

Let’s keep being crafty for when we are feeling crafty!!  So enough of my talking right? Lets see what I did!

This is a sneak peek of what I’m working on at the moment 😀 I’m sure you all can guess what it is 😉

Then I finally made a swatch so I could play around with my crochet needle. Obviously this isn’t anything special – just trying things out to get some ideas going 😀




A boyish burp cloth



and a girly one!

Both of this are listed on my etsy page at:

It may not seem like all that much but I feel like I’ve completed more than I put on my to do list for the weekend! Which is good since we are going to Maryland again to see my grandmother. Which means long car ride – which means crocheting the whole way there and back.

Then since I got addicted to I am meeting a group of people for a Stitch & *itch (hehe I love the name but we’ll keep it child friendly!) on Sunday. They meet at the local Panera Bread and sit and crochet/knit and chat from 3:00-close! I have a feeling I might just finish my crocheting in one night as long as I’m not too busy talking 😛

If you haven’t been to raverly before it’s basically an awesome website for anyone who does anything with yarn. You create a profile, show off your projects or patterns, sell stuff, join groups, do swaps, find free patterns, buy patterns, ask a question and get a zillion answers on how to do something you’ve never done before. Yeah – it has everything! So if you like any of those things – you should probably check it out 😉

Well I’m going to go back to be crafty because apparently it’s not out of my system yet!!

Love Always,



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