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Crafts: Monkey-ing Around

7 Aug

I had a little fun with monkey’s today 😀 I’ve been wanting to make a cover for my nook for quite some time. Friday I measured/cut/and pinned everything and FINALLY today I got the chance to sew it up.

another tiny bag to match 😀

The AWESOME Lining 😀

and one successful project turned into two!!

Well I gotta go! I’ve got some crocheting to do with the girls 😉

Love Always,


Daily Life: A Trip to Fibre Space

7 Aug

Yesterday I went with my mom and sister to a store in Alexandria, VA called Fibre Space. I haven’t been to a store quite like this and was stunned as soon as I walked into the door! Take a look:

They have all sorts of yarns. Some that are made by indie and local companies and some staples. What amazed me the most was the wide range of colors. My sister and I found out that we are completely different shoppers, she was going through the whole store saying. “WOW look at these colors, I want this one!” and I was walking around saying, “OoooOOooh feel how soft this is!!”. It’s amazing what a wide variety they have and it was hard to just narrow down my choices to one! I kept reminding myself that I can come back any time I want and that I was sticking to a budget 😉

This is what I ended up buying – but I have a list of things I’d like to go back and try too 😛

I bought two skanes of each color. I’m making a scarf with two of them and then plan on using the rest to make baby headbands. I found this awesome pattern that I can’t wait to try out and I think it’ll look adorable on E. But for now I’m making a skinny scarf:

Ignore my ends that need to be tied in! My favorite thing about this yarn is out soft and lightweight it is. After I crocheted this my hands felt baby soft and smooth and that’s exactly what I want around me neck 😀

I’ll keep you posted on how the scarf turns out and when I finish the headband I’ll post a picture of that too 😀

If you haven’t taken a look at Fibre Space here’s the website:

Love Always,


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