Daily Life: Packing for a child!

8 Aug

For the past couple of trips I’ve taken – I’ve only had to pack for a day trip.. this time it’s an overnight stay with one looong day at a hotel with a pool – which equals 1-toy & pool stuff bag, 1-snacks, cups, easy meals, bottles, diapers, pool diapers, wipes, blanky, pacifier, child size utensils, bibs, table mats, napkins, .. did I forget anything? probably, and then I shoved all of our clothes together in another bag. Holy cow. Three bags and my purse.

One thing I’m doing differently this time is I’m not bringing the pack ‘n’ play. I’m letting a family member borrow it and I got a room with two beds. One for E and one for me. Every time we stay in a hotel E ends up sleeping with us. She HATES the pack ‘n’ play. She’s never liked it and she’s never slept in it without a major fight. Last time it was just me and her in the bed and I put a bunch of pillows around her. This time I’m letting her sleep in her own bed with a million pillows around her. Luckily she’s not a roller – she just squirms around but if she feels the barrier she’ll squirm back in the middle so I’m not worried about her being in her own bed at all.

I guess the shocking part of it all is exactly how much stuff you need to pack when you take a child with you. I can’t imagine packing for more than a week.. might as well just pack her whole room at that point 😉

I’m just glad it’s already done!!

Now back to crocheting 😛

Love Always,


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