Crafts: Baby Burpin’ Love ;)

13 Aug

I know I said I wasn’t buying any new fabric and just making inventory of the ones I already purchased.. but I couldn’t resist 😀 So today I did two that I’ve done previously – Pretty In Pink and Polka Dotted Pink

Here are the two new ones I’ve done:

Stencil Me Pink & Green ** Now available on my Etsy Page!

Baby Blue, Tan, and Brown ** Now available on my Etsy Page

I’ll be posting these on etsy in the next few days and add their links here once they are posted. Still trying to think of names for them so if you have any suggestions/ideas let me know!!

I’ve got two more burp cloths on my list to do today, then an e-reader, a change bag, and monogramming bibs.. Let’s see if I can get it all done 😉 I’m not going to lie – I did “waste” sometime this morning pre-cutting fabric strips so when I go to make more they are already cut to size. I say “waste” because I don’t really feel like it’s a waste of time. It’s fun to see how many I can make out of one yard and see how much scraps I have left to make other things with 😀 But then again I get less done.. it’s a tough price to pay 😉

E should be waking up any minute and who knows when the hubby will get home. I’m trying to think of easy dinners so I can keep up the work momentum.

Love Always,


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