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Crafts: A Work-Filled Week

25 Aug

So I haven’t been around much on my blog lately and I apologize!! Between BNRing and filling orders I have been super busy 😀 Which I guess is a good thing right? So here’s a preview of all the things I’ve been working on the past few days!

I couldn’t pass up this robot material when I saw it!! It was the most adorable thing in the world!

This was a custom order! I love Dr. Seuss and she picked the best one 😉 I have one more burp cloth and a receiving blanket to make out of this 😀

I got an order for my monkey frame in yellow so it would be more like Curious George and I LOVE IT!

Apparently the monkey frames are popular 😉

Super excited about this one – I made this for a family member who is due with a little baby girl 😀

And finally!! I own my own business cards!! It’s about time right? I won’t go into how long they took me to make.. but sheesh!

It’s been busy around here! I still have a few orders to finish before I start the new things I bought but I’ll go ahead and show you a preview:


A burp cloth to be!

And welcome to the new additions to frames 😀 I couldn’t pass up these adorable little guys!! I have a feeling they are going to be super popular!! Let’s hope I’m right!

I also got the most adorable stamp in the world but I’ll save that for when it’s finished! It’s too cute to spoil! 😀

We are also still doing a giveaway from DDsDarlings Feature Friday so you still have a chance to win some awesome custom-made bows for that little girl you love ❤ I’m going to leave it open until August 31st! So hurry up and put your name in 😀


So that’s everything that’s going on right now! I’ll update with more pictures as I get the frames going and hopefully some new postings for etsy! Stay tuned – because this time I’m sticking around 😉


Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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