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Daily Life: What I’m Grateful For

29 Aug

There are a million things I am grateful for. Sure we all have our days that seem like nothing goes or way but nine times out of ten, I feel lucky to say that I wouldn’t change a thing. It seems like when you meet someone who understands all those crazy thoughts you think no one would get, or laughs at your stupid comments, or better yet – loves you for all the mistakes you make – it’s like nothing else in the world quite matters near as much as that moment.

I’m lucky to say that almost every day I feel like this with my husband. I’ve got a few good friends I can count on when I just need that smile, and then there are people who I hardly know. People I’ve met through blogs, through etsy, through teams, BNRs, Raverly,, and it’s amazing how important these people are to my life. Some of them I’ve so recently met and gotten to know that you would think I’m crazy for having such a heartfelt feeling towards – but I do. In some small or big way these people have made me feel like I can accomplish all the things that self-doubt likes to destroy. It’s amazing what one person can do to your life.

I know this is a completely random post – but it’s been on my mind all night and it’s exactly what I wanted to say.

I love each and every one of you who have touched my life, given me that moment I never want to take back, and helped me accomplish things I never thought I could.

I love you all.


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